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Vanicor, Raphael "Ralph" Raphael "Ralph"4 December 20124Death 
Martin, Raymond Newton "Tiny" Raymond Newton "Tiny"4 December 20124Death 
Barnes, Wilford Delaney Wilford Delaney4 December 20124Death 
Brammer, Donald Lee Donald Lee4 December 20115Death 
Sallee, Harry H. "Mike" Harry H. "Mike"4 December 20097Death 
Stabler, William Lamar "Bill" DVM William Lamar "Bill" DVM4 December 20088Death 
Mixon, L.B. L.B.4 December 200412Death 
Shows, Marvin Marvin4 December 199818Death 
Wood, Gladys Irene Gladys Irene4 December 199719Death 
Blackmon, Dorothy Dorothy4 December 199719Death 
Holl, Hardena Lydia "Peggy" Hardena Lydia "Peggy"4 December 199620Death 
Shows, Henry Giles Henry 4 December 199422Death 
Peevy, Ethel Ethel4 December 199323Death 
Haley, Lester M. Lester M.4 December 198927Death 
Boedeker, Dennis Eugene Sr Dennis Eugene Sr4 December 197838Death 
Atkins, Mary Mary4 December 197343Death 
Mixon, Franklin Melvin "Frank" Franklin Melvin "Frank"4 December 197244Death 
Riley, John Bunyan Sr John Bunyan Sr4 December 197244Death 
Butts, Thomas Lane Sr Thomas 4 December 197145Death 
Killingsworth, Minnie Effie Minnie Effie4 December 196848Death 
Keen, James Turner James Turner4 December 196551Death 
Mixon, Sallie Catherine Sallie Catherine4 December 196452Death 
Mathis, Edward Charles Edward Charles4 December 196353Death 
Barnes, Hettie Davis Hettie Davis4 December 196155Death 
Sims, Leander Leander4 December 195858Death 
Blanchet, Pearl Delilah Pearl Delilah4 December 195660Death 
Lewis, Malissa Malissa4 December 195165Death 
Dark, James Edwin James Edwin4 December 194868Event 
Dark, James Edwin James Edwin4 December 194868Burial 
Mixon, George William George William4 December 194076Death 
Bukey, Matilda "Tillie" Matilda "Tillie"4 December 193878Death 
Bedgood, Thurman Curtis Thurman Curtis4 December 193779Birth 
Watkins, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)4 December 193581Birth 
Watkins, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)4 December 193581Death 
Gaddy, Shirley Ruth Shirley Ruth4 December 193581Birth 
Oglesby, Mattie Lou Mattie Lou4 December 193185Death 
Babers, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)4 December 192888Birth 
Babers, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)4 December 192888Birth 
Babers, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)4 December 192888Birth 
Babers, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)4 December 192888Death 
Babers, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)4 December 192888Death 
Cook, Lucie Willie Lucie Willie4 December 192789Death 
Shows, Martin Luther Martin Luther4 December 192789Death 
Rollins, Eliza Elizabeth Eliza Elizabeth4 December 192393Death 
Vermillion, Fred L. Fred L.4 December 192195Birth 
Peart, George William Jr George William Jr4 December 192195Birth 
Ratliff, James Edward Ash James Edward Ash4 December 192096Death 
Marvin, Lucy Marian Lucy Marian4 December 191997Death 
Durflinger, Luther J. Luther J.4 December 191799Birth 
McFarlin, Clifford John Clifford John4 December 1915101Birth 
Lyrock, Henry Adolph Henry Adolph4 December 1914102Birth 
Hall, Loraine Loraine4 December 1914102Birth 
Croft, Edna Charlotte Edna Charlotte4 December 1913103Birth 
Goneke, Clarence Allen Clarence Allen4 December 1909107Birth 
Kalcik, Adeline Adeline4 December 1908108Birth 
Durbin, Jimmie T. Jimmie T.4 December 1907109Birth 
Fish, Elmer James Elmer James4 December 1906110Birth 
Sager, Adeline Mary Laura Adeline Mary Laura4 December 1904112Birth 
Langston, Myrtis Estelle Myrtis Estelle4 December 1904112Birth 
Chandler, Beulah Beulah4 December 1900116Birth 
Barrouse, Leola Leola4 December 1895121Birth 
Austin, Enoch Marvin Enoch Marvin4 December 1890126Birth 
Marvin, Carl Osman Carl Osman4 December 1888128Death 
Mixon, Elizabeth Casinda Elizabeth Casinda4 December 1884132Death 
Butterfield, John Page John Page4 December 1884132Death 
Mixon, Clarence W. MD Clarence W. MD4 December 1882134Birth 
Marvin, Maude Edna Maude Edna4 December 1880136Death 
Moseley, Elijah Elijah4 December 1880136Death 
Sallee, George George4 December 1878138Birth 
Bullard, Walter Henry Walter Henry4 December 1878138Birth 
Jones, James David MD James David MD4 December 1866150Birth 
Risley, Emma Frances Emma Frances4 December 1859157Birth 
Spalding, Mary Mary4 December 1856160Death 
Moseley, Nancy A. Nancy A.4 December 1856160Birth 
Scoville, Imogene E. Imogene E.4 December 1853163Birth 
Stratton, Jane Jane4 December 1843173Birth 
Hughey, Henry Holcombe Henry Holcombe4 December 1836180Birth 
Adams, Charlotte Charlotte4 December 1834182Death 
Bullard, Charles Perry Charles Perry4 December 1829187Birth 
Turner, Amos Amos4 December 1820196Death 
Weeks, Philo Philo4 December 1804212Birth 
Spalding, Olive Olive4 December 1800216Birth 
Conant, Charles Charles4 December 1798218Birth 
Spalding, Asaph Asaphbetween 4 December 1787 and 1788229Birth 
Partridge, Dolly Dolly4 December 1776240Birth 
Partridge, Ede Ede4 December 1727289Birth 
Marvin, Hannah Hannah4 December 1722294Birth 
Bullard, Abigail Abigail4 December 1708308Birth 
Bullard, Abigail Abigail4 December 1708308Birth 
Whiting, Mary Mary4 December 1684332Birth 
Mangum, Robert Charles
Norton, Ellen V.
Robert Charles4 December 197343Marriage 
Mixon, Charles Wesley "Charlie"
Edwards, Mary Lou
Charles Wesley "Charlie"4 December 1908108Marriage 
Ross, Thomas Jefferson "T.J." Sr
Shows, Nancy Angelina
Thomas Jefferson "T.J." Sr4 December 1887129Marriage 
Keen, Allen J.
White, Laura F.
Allen J.4 December 1878138Marriage 
Riley, Charles
Brown, Caroline Lenore
Charles4 December 1877139Marriage 
Scoville, Andrew J.
Mitchell, Catherine
Andrew J.4 December 1844172Marriage 
Partridge, Warren
Potter, Amorette
Warren4 December 1831185Marriage 
Hedges, Otho
Bukey, Jemima
Otho4 December 1814202Marriage 
Clark, Elijah
Bullard, Julia
Elijah4 December 1786230Marriage 
Torrey, James
Sheffield, Mary
James4 December 1755261Marriage 

Total events: 100
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