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Green, Laura Rachel Laura Rachel26 August 20088Death 
Grafton, Doris Doris26 August 200214Death 
Riley, Lora Della Lora Della26 August 199917Death 
Pardue, Vernie Odell Vernie Odell26 August 199224Death 
Riley, Stratton Cruse Stratton Cruse26 August 198828Death 
Hayes, Ernest Dean Ernest 26 August 197838Death 
Gregg, Delwin Morris Delwin Morris26 August 197541Death 
Sontag, Marshall L. Sr Marshall L. Sr26 August 196749Death 
Burnum, Eliza Lee Eliza 26 August 196452Event 
Hansen, Del H. Del H.26 August 196254Death 
Braswell, Chester Roy Chester Roy26 August 195462Death 
Walker, Amos Edward Amos Edward26 August 195264Death 
Masterson, John Riley John Riley26 August 194670Death 
Jones, Donnie Lee "Donna" Donnie Lee "Donna"26 August 193779Birth 
Maltby, Annie Van Ness Annie Van Ness26 August 193482Burial 
Joyce, Thomas Patrick Thomas Patrick26 August 193284Birth 
Partin, Pleasant Henry Pleasant Henry26 August 193185Death 
Partin, Francis Marion Francis Marion26 August 192294Death 
Rhodes, Allen Earnest Allen Earnest26 August 192294Birth 
Craig, Berdie Lee Berdie Lee26 August 192195Birth 
McNorton, Mabrey Mabrey26 August 192195Birth 
McNorton, Mabrey Mabrey26 August 192195Birth 
Tisdale, Samuel Lafayette Samuel Lafayette26 August 192195Death 
Croteau, Juliette F. Juliette F.26 August 192195Birth 
Shively, Leroy Sebastian Leroy Sebastian26 August 191997Birth 
Gaddy, Loyd Loyd26 August 191997Death 
Barnes, Otho Osborne Otho Osborne26 August 1916100Death 
Prestridge, Lola Mae Lola Mae26 August 1915101Birth 
Mixon, Simeon Franklin Simeon Franklin26 August 1910106Death 
Peters, Vernon Leo Vernon 26 August 1910106Birth 
Shows, George Lawson George 26 August 1908108Birth 
Riley, James Kenneth James Kenneth26 August 1908108Birth 
Moseley, Roy Roy26 August 1906110Birth 
Buker, Mary Evelyn Mary Evelyn26 August 1900116Birth 
Huffman, Malinda M. Malinda M.26 August 1899117Death 
Rester, Maude May Maude May26 August 1898118Birth 
Priest, Earl Arthur Earl Arthur26 August 1894122Birth 
Buker, Wallace Hilton MD Wallace Hilton MD26 August 1894122Birth 
Gandy, Emma Emma26 August 1892124Birth 
Shows, Virginia Virginia26 August 1886130Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, Eula C. Eula C.26 August 1885131Birth 
Jamieson, Guy Marvin Guy Marvin26 August 1882134Birth 
Partridge, Amanda Amanda26 August 1881135Death 
Workman, Orlin Orlin26 August 1880136Birth 
Carraway, John Thomas Andrew John Thomas Andrew26 August 1879137Birth 
Donovan, Frederick Brown Frederick Brown26 August 1879137Birth 
Mayes, Ola Ola26 August 1874142Birth 
Greenleaf, Charles Henry Charles Henry26 August 1864152Death 
Greenleaf, Charles Henry Charles Henrybetween September 1861 and 26 August 1864152Military 
Braswell, Virginia "Jennie" Virginia "Jennie"26 August 1863153Birth 
Bigelow, Samuel Lee Samuel Lee26 August 1856160Death 
Stubbs, Lydia Lydia26 August 1848168Birth 
Scovell, Charles M. Charles M.26 August 1847169Birth 
Spalding, Sarah Jerusha Sarah Jerusha26 August 1844172Birth 
Pond, Ichabod Ichabod26 August 1826190Death 
Richard, Amelia Amelia26 August 1819197Birth 
Graves, Edmund Edmund26 August 1814202Birth 
Bullard, Eunice White Eunice White26 August 1812204Birth 
Dawson, Louisa Louisa26 August 1807209Birth 
Holbrook, Amos Amos26 August 1798218Death 
Partridge, Salmon Salmon26 August 1792224Birth 
Partridge, Lewis Lewis26 August 1776240Birth 
Dole, Daniel Daniel26 August 1757259Birth 
Partridge, Catharine Catharine26 August 1744272Birth 
Bullard, Abigail Abigail26 August 1711305Baptism 
Shows, Roy Willard
Butler, Gretchen Elaine
Roy Willard26 August 196650Marriage 
Moseley, John Edward
Hostetter, May B. "Mamie"
John Edward26 August 1901115Marriage 
Ransom, Charles
Cox, Sarah Annabell
Charles26 August 1885131Marriage 
Atwood, Jacob Prouty
Spalding, Lucy Jemima
Jacob Prouty26 August 1860156Marriage 
Going, Aaron
Prather, Dozena
Aaron26 August 1856160Marriage 
Scovill, Stephen
‎(unknown)‎, Laura
Stephen26 August 1848168Marriage 
Scoville, Alvah
Hinsdale, Emily
Alvah26 August 1829187Marriage 
Howe, Joseph
Bullard, Mary
Joseph26 August 1800216Marriage 
Brown, Peter
Taft, Jemima
Peter26 August 1792224Marriage 
Couillard, Guillaume
Hebert, Guillamette
Guillaume26 August 1621395Marriage 

Total events: 75
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