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Little, James Wesley James Wesley26 October 20124Death 
Tobias, William Alston William Alston26 October 20115Death 
Taylor, Viola Viola26 October 20088Death 
Lanning, Helen Helen26 October 20079Death 
Pierce, Dorothy Dorothy26 October 20079Event 
Pierce, Dorothy Dorothy26 October 20079Burial 
Shields, Mary Frances Mary Frances26 October 20079Death 
McKenzie, Mary Nell Mary Nell26 October 200610Death 
Shows, Kiprell Kiprell26 October 200412Death 
Peart, Misty Dawn Misty Dawn26 October 200313Death 
Nance, Marty Brian Marty Brian26 October 199422Death 
Hanks, Charles Winfred Charles Winfred26 October 199323Death 
Moseley, Alexander Alexander26 October 197937Death 
Heil, Zella Irene Zella Irene26 October 197541Death 
Stark, Joel Joel26 October 197244Death 
Mixon, Eva Mae Eva Mae26 October 197244Death 
Dawson, George Elmer George Elmer26 October 197046Death 
Shipp, Lida M. Lida M.26 October 196254Death 
Jones, James Melton Sr James Melton Sr26 October 196056Death 
Mixon, James M. James M.26 October 195561Death 
Harper, Palace Tine Palace Tine26 October 195561Death 
Mixon, James Redmond James Redmond26 October 195165Death 
Killingsworth, Lee Edward Lee Edward26 October 194571Military 
Buckley, Chester C. Chester C.26 October 194571Military 
Lambert, Lillie May Lillie 26 October 194373Death 
Shows, Claborn R. Claborn R.26 October 194076Military 
Flowers, Dale Dale26 October 193482Birth 
Mixon, John Nelson John Nelson26 October 193284Death 
Griffin, Bernard Bernard26 October 192888Death 
Franklin, Samuel Lanier Samuel Lanier26 October 192393Death 
Hansen, Bernice Bernice26 October 192195Birth 
Hansen, Bernice Bernice26 October 192195Death 
Bond, Blanche M. Blanche M.26 October 1915101Birth 
Linzey, James Milton James Milton26 October 1914102Death 
Farish, Robert Asbury Robert Asbury26 October 1913103Birth 
Harper, Lloyd L. Lloyd L.26 October 1913103Birth 
Harper, Lloyd L. Lloyd L.26 October 1912104Birth 
Gillespie, Madelyn Fedella Madelyn Fedella26 October 1911105Birth 
Blahnik, Mathilda Mary Mathilda Mary26 October 1911105Birth 
Brasier, Charles Burton "Charlie Bert" Charles Burton "Charlie Bert"26 October 1910106Birth 
Riley, Jesse Love Jesse Love26 October 1910106Birth 
Prince, Jewell Beatrice Jewell Beatrice26 October 1909107Birth 
Curry, Lee Florence Lee 26 October 1905111Birth 
Spears, Gordon Sim Sr Gordon Sim Sr26 October 1903113Birth 
Flowers, Edward C. "Eddie" Edward C. "Eddie"26 October 1902114Birth 
Todd, Mary Caroline Mary Caroline26 October 1897119Birth 
Beaubien, George Edmund George Edmund26 October 1892124Birth 
Bullard, Elmira A. Elmira A.26 October 1889127Death 
Martin, Alice "Allie" Alice "Allie"26 October 1888128Birth 
Howard, Annie Margaret Annie Margaret26 October 1887129Birth 
Fields, Carrie Alice Carrie Alice26 October 1882134Birth 
Durfee, Almira Pike Almira Pike26 October 1882134Death 
Horn, Clarence Dean Clarence Dean26 October 1880136Birth 
Williams, Alice Angeline Alice Angeline26 October 1876140Birth 
Noyes, Lucy H. Lucy H.26 October 1872144Death 
Moseley, Joseph Leonard Joseph Leonard26 October 1872144Birth 
Bell, David David26 October 1869147Death 
Wight, Martha E. Martha E.26 October 1856160Death 
Spears, James H. James H.26 October 1856160Birth 
Murray, Alta L. Alta L.26 October 1855161Birth 
Partridge, Asa Asa26 October 1851165Death 
Bukey, William Henry William Henry26 October 1847169Birth 
Bullard, Rev Amos Rev Amos26 October 1843173Ordination 
Bullard, John Calvin John Calvin26 October 1842174Birth 
Congdon, Hezekiah Hezekiah26 October 1842174Death 
Littlefield, Ruth Ruth26 October 1835181Death 
Marvin, Sabra M. Sabra M.26 October 1823193Birth 
Scoville, Lucien Lucien26 October 1823193Birth 
Partridge, Joseph Joseph26 October 1821195Death 
Spalding, Caroline Elizabeth Caroline Elizabeth26 October 1820196Birth 
Sowles, Lewis Lewis26 October 1812204Birth 
Bullard, George George26 October 1806210Birth 
Sowles, Mary Ann Mary Ann26 October 1805211Birth 
Bullard, Jemima Jemima26 October 1781235Birth 
Fisk, Gad Gad26 October 1776240Death 
Bullard, Dorothy Dorothy26 October 1755261Birth 
Marvin, John John26 October 1748268Birth 
Partridge, Abigail Abigail26 October 1745271Birth 
Partridge, Joseph Joseph26 October 1742274Birth 
Allen, Elizabeth Elizabeth26 October 1733283Death 
Destroismaisons, Angelique Angelique26 October 1670346Birth 
Greenwood, Winfred Duwell
Jenkins, Emily Sue
Winfred Duwell26 October 194670Marriage 
Martin, Harry Horace
Hardee, Lois Matilda
Harry Horace26 October 192195Marriage 
Benson, General Lee
Page, Lida Jane
General Lee26 October 191799Marriage 
Tracy, Charles Almond
Kincaid, Elizabeth Adeline
Charles Almond26 October 1905111Marriage 
Bukey, Charles Alexander
Despard, Emily Smith
Charles Alexander26 October 1904112Marriage 
Brainerd, Ezra B.
Fletcher, Della
Ezra B.26 October 1899117Marriage 
Taylor, William Franklin
Green, Lucy Melvina
William Franklin26 October 1895121Marriage 
Taylor, William Franklin
Green, Lucy Melvina
William Franklin26 October 1895121Marriage Licence 
Mixon, John B.
Cromartie, Elizabeth Eveline "Eliza"
John B.26 October 1876140Marriage 
Dillon, Stephen
Scovel, Rachel T.
Stephen26 October 1852164Marriage 
Partridge, Warren
Capen, Mary Fales
Warren26 October 1848168Marriage 
Dawson, Robert
Ross, Phebe
Robert26 October 1826190Marriage 

Total events: 93
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