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22 February 2017 - 2:18:37am

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Bryant, Robert Felton Robert Felton22 February 20098Death 
Carter, Wilma Wilma22 February 20089Death 
Jones, David L. David L.22 February 200710Death 
Buckley, Walter Green Sr Walter Green Sr22 February 200710Death 
Santone, Rosemary Rosemary22 February 200512Death 
Caulfield, Gloria Gloria22 February 200017Death 
Buchan, Ethelle Ethelle22 February 199918Burial 
Buchan, Ethelle Ethelle22 February 199918Event 
Lowthorp, Eugene Watt Eugene Watt22 February 199720Death 
Sills, Hilda Hilda22 February 199720Death 
Creel, George Gavin George Gavin22 February 199027Death 
Wasson, George Ware George Ware22 February 198829Death 
Comer, Joseph Andrew Joseph Andrew22 February 198829Death 
Barnes, Edward Robert 22 February 198631Death 
McManus, Woodrow Woodrow22 February 198433Death 
McKinnie, Belva Belva22 February 198433Death 
Sims, Atlas Lumley Atlas Lumley22 February 197542Death 
Phillips, James Carl James Carl22 February 197542Death 
Frazier, Edgar C. Edgar C.22 February 197245Event 
Walker, Hugie E. Hugie E.22 February 197245Death 
Loflin, Dudley Anderson Dudley Anderson22 February 196453Death 
Pritchett, Florentine Catherine "Florie" Florentine Catherine "Florie"22 February 196255Death 
Shows, Hermie Haile Hermie Haile22 February 195958Death 
Avery, Frances Sarah "Fannie" Frances Sarah "Fannie"22 February 195859Death 
Barclay, Lela Sudie Lela Sudie22 February 195760Death 
Sikes, Polly Ann Sophronie Polly Ann Sophronie22 February 195562Burial 
Sikes, Polly Ann Sophronie Polly Ann Sophronie22 February 195562Event 
Harrelson, Elizabeth Bertha Elizabeth Bertha22 February 195364Death 
Felker, Ruth E. Ruth E.22 February 194374Death 
Legendre, Clotilde Clotilde22 February 193483Death 
Holmes, Gordon Forrest Jr Gordon Forrest Jr22 February 192889Birth 
Bukey, Alexander Hill Alexander Hill22 February 192790Death 
Cook, Corydon William Corydon William22 February 192295Death 
McMillan, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)22 February 192097Death 
McMillan, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)22 February 192097Birth 
Berry, Elma Pauline Elma 22 February 191998Birth 
Moss, Jennings Blankford Jennings Blankford22 February 1917100Birth 
Shows, William Thames William Thames22 February 1916101Death 
Shows, William G. William G.22 February 1914103Death 
Prince, Clarence Gideon Clarence Gideon22 February 1913104Birth 
Lewis, Edna Rhudell Edna Rhudell22 February 1913104Birth 
Myers, Inez Inez22 February 1912105Birth 
Daniel, Emmett Coy Emmett Coy22 February 1909108Birth 
Davis, Bessie Gertrude 22 February 1908109Death 
Fitzenreiter, Bessie Gertrude Bessie Gertrude22 February 1908109Birth 
Mixon, Ernest Ernest22 February 1906111Birth 
Mangum, Myrtus A. Myrtus A.22 February 1905112Birth 
Keen, Lucille Lucille22 February 1905112Birth 
Taylor, Posey Posey22 February 1904113Death 
Riley, Ruby M. Ruby M.22 February 1904113Birth 
Barclay, George Willis Sr George Willis Sr22 February 1904113Birth 
Bryant, Nancy Hannah Nancy Hannah22 February 1902115Death 
Pitts, Myra Belle Myra Belle22 February 1902115Birth 
Tolbert, Mary Magdelene "Maggie" Mary Magdelene "Maggie"22 February 1900117Birth 
Little, Jesse Davis Jesse Davis22 February 1899118Birth 
Ingram, Clyde Edward Sr Clyde Edward Sr22 February 1898119Birth 
Jones, John Maxwell Sr John Maxwell Sr22 February 1895122Birth 
Sikes, Dennis Eugene Dennis Eugene22 February 1893124Birth 
Woodham, Johnathan Edward Johnathan Edward22 February 1893124Death 
Mixon, Joseph Arnold MD Joseph Arnold MD22 February 1887130Birth 
Braswell, Jewell Jewell22 February 1886131Birth 
Mixon, Marthey Madoray Marthey Madoray22 February 1881136Birth 
Riley, Ellen Ellen22 February 1881136Birth 
Bullard, Alice Maria Alice Maria22 February 1880137Birth 
Braswell, James Franklin James Franklin22 February 1876141Birth 
Blahnik, John John22 February 1874143Birth 
Green, Annie Annie22 February 1873144Birth 
Rhoads, Harriett B. Harriett B.22 February 1872145Death 
Griggs, Robert Foote Robert Foote22 February 1868149Birth 
Ouellette, Marie Magdeleine Marie Magdeleine22 February 1859158Baptism 
Tomlinson, Drusilla Drusilla22 February 1854163Death 
Bullard, Ira Alexander Ira Alexander22 February 1846171Birth 
Kochler, Elisabetha Barbara Elisabetha Barbara22 February 1836181Birth 
Carraway, E. Archie E. Archie22 February 1834183Birth 
Partridge, Bathsheba Bathsheba22 February 1824193Death 
Gordon, Alexander Alexander22 February 1821196Death 
Spalding, Nancy A. Nancy A.22 February 1815202Birth 
Barber, Abigail Abigail22 February 1809208Death 
Bullard, Charles Keyes Charles Keyes22 February 1801216Birth 
Brasseur, Alexandre Alexandre22 February 1788229Birth 
Partridge, David David22 February 1767250Birth 
Pond, Ichabod Ichabod22 February 1762255Birth 
Bukey, John John22 February 1761256Birth 
Scovill, John John22 February 1751266Birth 
Richard, Jean Jean22 February 1734283Birth 
Leland, Henry Henry22 February 1679338Birth 
Partridge, Samuel Samuelbetween 22 February 1671 and 1672346Birth 
Bullard, Michael Michael22 February 1648369Birth 
Bracewell, Rev Robert Rev Robertbetween 22 February 1627 and 3 November 1631390Education 
Matter, Henry "Hank"
Miklica, Marion C.
Henry "Hank"22 February 194770Marriage 
Craig, Marshall John
Knoll, Dorothy
Marshall John22 February 194671Marriage 
Mixon, Carl Pace
Goodwin, Inez
Carl Pace22 February 192592Marriage 
Blahnik, Vaclav
Psenicka, Justina
Vaclav22 February 1898119Marriage 
Blahnik, Jan Baptist
Kafka, Anna
Jan Baptist22 February 1870147Marriage 
Reed, James Edwin
Bath, Kezia Ann
James Edwin22 February 1831186Marriage 
Prather, John Garrett
Sargeant, Mary Ann
John Garrett22 February 1791226Marriage 

Total events: 96
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