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22 January 2017 - 6:16:38pm

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Berry, Rebecca Rebecca22 January 20134Death 
Chalk, Cynthia Ann "Cindy" Cynthia Ann "Cindy"22 January 20125Burial 
Chalk, Cynthia Ann "Cindy" Cynthia Ann "Cindy"22 January 20125Event 
Goos, Gordon L. Gordon L.22 January 20116Death 
Wade, Olan H. Olan H.22 January 200611Death 
Franks, Adell "Addie" Adell "Addie"22 January 200413Burial 
Franks, Adell "Addie" Adell "Addie"22 January 200413Event 
Benson, Jonnie Irma Jonnie Irma22 January 200413Death 
Womack, Janice Janice22 January 200215Burial 
Womack, Janice Janice22 January 200215Event 
Hancock, George Norman George 22 January 200017Death 
Barnes, James D. James D.22 January 199918Death 
Huxford, Phoebe Phoebe22 January 199522Death 
Moseley, Cora F. Cora F.22 January 199225Death 
Barnes, Leland Heard Leland Heard22 January 198928Death 
Snoad, Archie Roger Archie Roger22 January 198730Death 
Burnum, Lawrence G. Lawrence G.22 January 198433Death 
Collins, James W. James W.22 January 198334Death 
Kvitek, Charles Henry Charles Henry22 January 198235Death 
Gaspard, Delia A. Delia A.22 January 198037Death 
Foxworth, Robert Curtis Robert Curtis22 January 198037Death 
Creel, Leroy Leroy22 January 197542Death 
Hardee, John Wesley John Wesley22 January 196651Death 
Riley, James Arthur James Arthur22 January 195859Death 
Kirtley, Betty Betty22 January 195562Death 
Daniel, Robert Leroy Robert Leroy22 January 194770Birth 
Moseley, Edna Irene Edna Irene22 January 194572Death 
Higdon, Luther L. Luther L.22 January 194275Military 
Pennington, Dorothy Louise Dorothy Louise22 January 193978Birth 
Burks, Gurtha Elizabeth Gurtha Elizabeth22 January 193879Death 
Berry, James Lampton Sr James between 22 January 1938 and 1 May 193979Occupation 
Dawson, Chase Francis Chase Francis22 January 193681Death 
Moss, Ruby Lucille Ruby Lucille22 January 193186Birth 
Sims, Cora Low Cora Low22 January 192988Death 
Hutchins, Verna Joyce Verna Joyce22 January 192394Birth 
Moseley, Virginia V. Virginia V.22 January 192097Birth 
Bergeron, Lydian Lydian22 January 192097Birth 
Castille, John Baptiste John Baptiste22 January 191998Burial 
Bukey, George Edward George Edward22 January 1911106Birth 
White, Mildred Albina Mildred Albina22 January 1911106Birth 
Hestle, William Jasper William Jasper22 January 1910107Death 
Dawson, Harold C. Harold C.22 January 1910107Birth 
Smith, Hoyett Hoyett22 January 1909108Birth 
Martin, Minnie Minnie22 January 1909108Birth 
Mixon, Amanda Minerva Amanda Minerva22 January 1907110Death 
Palliser, Helen Mary Helen Mary22 January 1906111Birth 
Richard, Homer Homer22 January 1903114Birth 
Taylor, Posey Posey22 January 1903114Birth 
Unger, Burt Burt22 January 1903114Birth 
Price, Clarence Albert "Clare Boy" Clarence Albert "Clare Boy"22 January 1902115Birth 
Unger, Burt Burt22 January 1901116Birth 
Moseley, Russell Alexander Russell Alexander22 January 1898119Birth 
Barclay, James Buchanan "Buck" James Buchanan "Buck"22 January 1897120Birth 
Bullard, Gardner Whitman Gardner Whitman22 January 1895122Birth 
Canerday, Lillie Jane Lillie Jane22 January 1895122Birth 
Bush, George Byron George Byron22 January 1892125Birth 
Ross, Blanche Ruth Blanche Ruth22 January 1890127Birth 
Scott, Walter Harrison Walter Harrison22 January 1889128Birth 
Marvin, Almira Almira22 January 1888129Death 
Mitchell, Mary Alice Mary Alice22 January 1887130Birth 
Meyer, Jane E. Jane E.22 January 1881136Death 
Wight, Mary Mary22 January 1879138Death 
Scoville, Cyril Julius Cyril Julius22 January 1876141Birth 
Oglesby, Garrett T. "Cart" Garrett T. "Cart"22 January 1875142Death 
Lavergne, Marie Azeline Marie Azeline22 January 1871146Birth 
Partridge, Arthur Samuel Arthur Samuel22 January 1869148Birth 
Bullard, Charles Charles22 January 1864153Birth 
Mixon, William E. MD William E. MD22 January 1858159Birth 
Scoville, Hannah Hannah22 January 1857160Death 
Davidson, Sarah Jane Sarah Jane22 January 1851166Birth 
Wheelock, Alice Augusta Alice Augusta22 January 1849168Birth 
Wight, Henrietta S. Henrietta S.22 January 1837180Death 
Richard, Eugene Theogene Eugene 22 January 1826191Baptism 
Bullard, Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin22 January 1826191Birth 
Scoville, Emeline Emeline22 January 1826191Birth 
Richard, Marie Aureliene Marie Aureliene22 January 1816201Baptism 
Jeansonne, Marie Louise Marie Louise22 January 1793224Baptism 
Prather, Walter Walter22 January 1792225Birth 
Harrington, Susanna Susanna22 January 1769248Birth 
Littlefield, John John22 January 1769248Birth 
Bullard, Catherine Catherine22 January 1767250Birth 
Scovill, Samuel Samuel22 January 1766251Birth 
Steel, Elijah Elijah22 January 1758259Birth 
Partridge, Job Job22 January 1742275Death 
Partridge, Keziah Keziah22 January 1730287Birth 
Whiting, Mary Marybetween 22 January 1717 and 1718300Birth 
Dupuis, Marie Marie22 January 1679338Birth 
Hayden, William James
Parker, Noma Juanita "Nina"
William James22 January 194968Marriage 
Leger, Ed
Frey, Cecelia
Ed22 January 194176Marriage 
Pierce, John T. Sr
‎(unknown)‎, Alma M.
John T. Sr22 January 192295Marriage 
Coker, William Cullen
Kyser, Mary Belle
William Cullen22 January 192196Marriage 
Middleton, Zollie B.
McCary, Virginia Lou "Jennie"
Zollie B.22 January 1917100Marriage 
Barnes, Robert
Mixon, Elizabeth
Robert22 January 1911106Marriage 
Cherovsky, Adolph
Blahnik, Mary
Adolph22 January 1901116Marriage 
Underwood, Russell
Hurd, Eliza E.
Russell22 January 1850167Marriage 
Kouns, G.W.
Scovel, Sarah E.
G.W.22 January 1850167Marriage 
Kingsbury, Cyrus
Partridge, Phylette
Cyrus22 January 1789228Marriage 
Spalding, John
Sanger, Elizabeth
John22 January 1744273Marriage 

Total events: 98
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