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21 November 2017 - 3:08:49pm

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Braswell, Talmadge Cooksey "T.C." Talmadge Cooksey "T.C."21 November 20116Death 
Hamaker, Geraldine "Gerry" Geraldine "Gerry"21 November 20089Death 
Monroe, Myrtle Mamie Myrtle Mamie21 November 200215Death 
Ott, Billy Eugene Billy Eugene21 November 200215Death 
Braswell, Guy Edward Guy Edward21 November 200116Death 
Priest, Oma Oma21 November 200116Death 
‎(unknown)‎, Willie Mae Willie Mae21 November 200116Death 
Prince, Carrol Willard "Bill" Carrol Willard "Bill"21 November 200017Burial 
Prince, Carrol Willard "Bill" Carrol Willard "Bill"21 November 200017Event 
Moss, Mary Louise Mary Louise21 November 199423Death 
Mogensen, Ernest Maas Ernest Maas21 November 199423Death 
Jones, Daisy Mae Daisy Mae21 November 199423Death 
Mixon, Joseph Auburn Joseph Auburn21 November 199324Death 
Duncan, Eunice Naomi Eunice Naomi21 November 199324Death 
Waldrep, Vernon Angel Vernon Angel21 November 198829Death 
Short, Mary Alice Mary Alice21 November 198730Death 
Carraway, Tammi Tammi21 November 198235Death 
Snellgrove, Claude R. Claude R.21 November 198235Death 
Moseley, Grace Carolyn Grace Carolyn21 November 197938Death 
Heath, Martha Lee Martha Lee21 November 197938Death 
Parker, Undine Undine21 November 197938Death 
Holman, Ida Ineva Ida 21 November 197344Death 
Thibodeaux, Agnes Agnes21 November 197344Death 
Richard, Buford L. Buford L.21 November 197047Death 
Reynolds, Alvin B. Alvin B.21 November 196849Death 
Pugh, Anita Gala Anita Gala21 November 196651Death 
Pugh, Anita Gala Anita Gala21 November 196651Birth 
Moore, Walter Stafford Walter 21 November 196651Death 
Baker, Asher Seymore Asher Seymore21 November 195562Death 
Moseley, Margie Ann Margie Ann21 November 192988Birth 
Hasty, Bedie Bedie21 November 192988Death 
Ouellette, Norman D. Norman D.21 November 192889Birth 
Boyett, John Davis Jr John Davis Jr21 November 192691Birth 
Cox, Clara Mae Clara Mae21 November 192295Birth 
Holzworth, Ella Mae Ella Mae21 November 192196Birth 
Temple, Leonard Leonard21 November 192097Birth 
Thor, Edna Anna Edna Anna21 November 192097Birth 
Webb, William Chester William 21 November 191899Death 
Burnum, John Wesley John Wesley21 November 1912105Birth 
Moffett, Martin Winston "Mart" Martin Winston "Mart"21 November 1910107Birth 
Bullard, George Barnard George Barnard21 November 1906111Death 
Morris, Otis Lee Otis Lee21 November 1904113Birth 
Bailey, Oscar L. Oscar L.21 November 1900117Birth 
Clarkson, Ivy Caroline Ivy Caroline21 November 1899118Birth 
Shows, Zilla Zilla21 November 1896121Birth 
Harper, Abbott "Abby" Abbott "Abby"21 November 1895122Birth 
Underwood, Mallory Eugene "Malley" Mallory Eugene "Malley"21 November 1894123Birth 
Underwood, Malery Eugene Malery Eugene21 November 1894123Birth 
Marvin, Earle Earle21 November 1886131Birth 
Reynolds, Jessie May Jessie May21 November 1881136Birth 
Scoville, Ida Adaline Ida Adaline21 November 1861156Birth 
Butler, Charles A. Charles A.21 November 1855162Birth 
Munyan, Caroline E. Caroline E.21 November 1847170Death 
Barnes, James L. James L.21 November 1840177Death 
Greenwood, Elizabeth Elizabeth21 November 1833184Death 
Bullard, Mary Mary21 November 1808209Birth 
Partridge, Lyman Lyman21 November 1785232Birth 
Marvin, Benjamin Benjamin21 November 1776241Military 
Partridge, Reuben Reuben21 November 1741276Birth 
Partridge, Jabez Jabez21 November 1741276Birth 
Littlefield, Ephraim Ephraim21 November 1712305Birth 
Scovill, Abigail Abigail21 November 1706311Birth 
Warren, Abigail Abigail21 November 1674343Birth 
Bullard, Sarah Sarah21 November 1667350Birth 
Barnes, Cecil Glendon
McLaren, Jeanette Helen
Cecil 21 November 195562Marriage 
Mixon, Ernest
King, Ethel
Ernest21 November 193285Marriage 
Braswell, Christopher Columbus
Pierce, Rhodia Ann
Christopher Columbus21 November 192889Marriage 
Moore, John W.
Hambrick, Lottie V.
John W.21 November 192196Marriage 
Moseley, Marion Lee "Met"
Norman, Margaret Jane "Maggie"
Marion Lee "Met"21 November 1894123Marriage 
Wade, James T. MD
Mixon, Rebecca Fereby
James T. MD21 November 1844173Marriage 
Sowles, William Lewis
Adams, Emily
William Lewis21 November 1830187Marriage 
LeJeune, Joseph
Janis, Genevieve
Joseph21 November 1796221Marriage 

Total events: 72
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