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Doud, Earl Ray Earl Ray29 March 20134Death 
Stark, Gladys Gladys29 March 200710Burial 
Wanish, Vernon W. Vernon W.29 March 200611Death 
Bukey, Leroy Heil Leroy Heil29 March 199819Death 
Smith, William Fletcher William Fletcher29 March 199522Death 
Young, Richard Dixon Richard Dixon29 March 199423Event 
Young, Richard Dixon Richard Dixon29 March 199423Burial 
Credeur, Lillie Mae Lillie Mae29 March 199324Death 
Shows, Lexie Elzetta Lexie Elzetta29 March 199225Death 
Watkins, Ernest Monroe Ernest Monroe29 March 199027Death 
Hayes, Overton Cade Overton Cade29 March 198829Death 
Howell, Phillip Ryan Phillip Ryan29 March 198631Birth 
Howell, Phillip Ryan Phillip Ryan29 March 198631Death 
Brasier, Rosie Love Rosie Love29 March 198433Death 
Rogers, James Malcom James Malcom29 March 198334Death 
Hodge, Kalla Mae Kalla Mae29 March 196849Death 
Barclay, Eula Belle Eula Belle29 March 196849Death 
Sager, Ernest E. Ernest E.29 March 195958Death 
Graham, Minerva Elizabeth Minerva Elizabeth29 March 194374Death 
Usrey, Osborn Verdell "Josh" Osborn Verdell "Josh"29 March 194374Death 
Nettles, John T. John T.29 March 194275Military 
Shively, Barbara Barbara29 March 194275Birth 
Leeper, Claude Claude29 March 193780Death 
Shows, Thera Thera29 March 193186Death 
Flowers, Carrol Barclay Carrol Barclay29 March 192988Birth 
Boyette, Mary Jane Mary Jane29 March 192097Death 
Williams, Gladys Leonia Gladys Leonia29 March 1913104Birth 
Shows, Clarence M. Clarence M.29 March 1906111Birth 
Hoon, Burdette Wilford Burdette Wilford29 March 1906111Birth 
Jones, James Caller James Caller29 March 1898119Birth 
Spears, Lemuel Mansel Lemuel Mansel29 March 1897120Birth 
Scoville, Magdalen Frances Magdalen Frances29 March 1896121Birth 
Smith, Silas K. Silas K.29 March 1890127Birth 
Paplham, Ruzena Ruzena29 March 1890127Death 
Blake, Moses Marion Moses Marion29 March 1887130Birth 
Shows, John Henry Sr John Henry Sr29 March 1885132Birth 
Greenleaf, Carrie Ellen Carrie Ellen29 March 1882135Birth 
Tinsley, Hattie Catherine Hattie Catherine29 March 1880137Birth 
Scoville, Arthur A. Arthur A.29 March 1879138Birth 
Scoville, John John29 March 1879138Death 
Hornbeck, Celia Celia29 March 1878139Death 
Blanchett, Samuel Robert Samuel Robert29 March 1877140Birth 
Mooring, Harriet Elizabeth Harriet Elizabeth29 March 1876141Birth 
Winchell, Ernest L. Ernest L.29 March 1873144Birth 
Edwards, John Stanley John Stanley29 March 1872145Birth 
Gaskill, Nehemiah O. Nehemiah O.29 March 1870147Birth 
Greenleaf, Sarah Sarah29 March 1866151Death 
Bullard, Anna Ellen Anna Ellen29 March 1862155Birth 
Scoville, Mary Irene Mary Irene29 March 1862155Death 
Dunham, Rebecca Rebecca29 March 1862155Death 
Houghton, Martha Martha29 March 1858159Birth 
Walters, Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth29 March 1853164Birth 
Wallace, Sarah J. Sarah J.29 March 1845172Birth 
Bullard, Alice Rebecca Alice Rebecca29 March 1844173Birth 
Marvin, Guilelma Maria Guilelma Maria29 March 1843174Birth 
Farmer, William Wood Jr William Wood Jr29 March 1840177Birth 
Wight, James Harvey James Harvey29 March 1839178Birth 
Partridge, Jesse Jesse29 March 1838179Death 
Partridge, Charlotte Charlottebefore 29 March 1838179Death 
Scoville, Martha S. Martha S.29 March 1838179Birth 
Partridge, Samuel Samuel29 March 1832185Death 
Prather, Dozena Dozena29 March 1829188Birth 
Prather, Rosina Rosina29 March 1829188Birth 
Wight, Alvira Ann M. Alvira Ann M.29 March 1828189Birth 
Osborn, Mary Mary29 March 1825192Birth 
Harding, Eliza B. Eliza B.29 March 1821196Birth 
Spalding, Azel Azel29 March 1803214Birth 
Partridge, Mary Mary29 March 1801216Death 
Gilbert, Betsey Betsey29 March 1801216Death 
Holbrook, Theron Theron29 March 1798219Birth 
Harrington, Katherine Katherine29 March 1789228Birth 
Holbrook, James James29 March 1780237Birth 
Scovill, Moses Moses29 March 1756261Death 
Bullard, Jonathan Jonathan29 March 1727290Birth 
Scovill, Mercy Mercy29 March 1702315Birth 
Ball, Jonathan Jonathan29 March 1680337Birth 
Simon, Marie Magdeline Marie Magdeline29 March 1668349Birth 
Graham, Roswell Merrick
Sanders, Clara Corey
Roswell Merrick29 March 195859Marriage 
Hammel, John C.
Thor, Ruth Ann
John C.29 March 192196Marriage 
Ware, Morton O.
Peters, Kathryn W.
Morton O.29 March 1910107Marriage 
Daniels, George
Thompson, Ella
George29 March 1898119Marriage 
Brown, Benjamin Arthur
Butler, Ida Roselle
Benjamin Arthur29 March 1868149Marriage 
Critchfield, Joseph G.
Hammond, Mary E.
Joseph G.29 March 1864153Marriage 
Johnson, Ebenezer
Bullard, Emily
Ebenezer29 March 1838179Marriage 
Scoville, Jesse
Goodwin, Harriet
Jesse29 March 1825192Marriage 
Kilbourn, Otis
Albee, Catherine
Otis29 March 1818199Marriage 
Marvin, David
Baldwin, Deborah
David29 March 1801216Marriage 

Total events: 87
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