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29 September 2016 - 1:38:49am

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Temple, Oleen Oleen29 September 20124Burial 
Temple, Oleen Oleen29 September 20124Event 
Frey, Clifford James "Cuz" Clifford James "Cuz"29 September 20088Event 
Thurman, Floy Newton "Tony" Floy Newton "Tony"29 September 200610Death 
Chapman, Fannie Genevieve Fannie Genevieve29 September 200511Death 
Bukey, Cora Edith "Edie" Cora Edith "Edie"29 September 200313Death 
Griffith, Harry Harry29 September 197046Death 
Iliff, Joyce Aileen Joyce Aileen29 September 196947Death 
Prince, Clarence Gideon Clarence Gideon29 September 196551Death 
Walker, Alonzo Beason Alonzo Beason29 September 195957Death 
Bukey, Joseph Wilson Joseph 29 September 195858Death 
Harris, Martha Emma Martha Emma29 September 195363Death 
Richey, Michael Jerome Michael Jerome29 September 195363Birth 
Neely, Betty Ann Betty Ann29 September 194175Birth 
Johnson, Elbert Huston Elbert Huston29 September 193680Birth 
Braswell, Lavinia Madra Lavinia Madra29 September 193086Death 
Spears, Gordon Sim Jr Gordon Sim Jr29 September 192789Birth 
Dean, Wilma Wilma29 September 192492Birth 
Loubier, Ludger James Ludger 29 September 192294Death 
Morrison, Farmer Farmerbetween 6 September 1895 and 29 September 192195Military 
Moffett, Coronel Winston Coronel Winston29 September 192096Birth 
Temple, Arnold Buck Arnold 29 September 191898Birth 
Phillips, Eullus C. Eullus C.29 September 191898Death 
Pitts, Jennie May Jennie May29 September 191898Birth 
Kelly, Troy E. Troy E.29 September 1912104Birth 
Berry, Dr James Russell Dr James Russell29 September 1910106Death 
Thompson, Ida Mae Ida Mae29 September 1910106Birth 
Moseley, Ila Mae Ila 29 September 1907109Birth 
Barnes, Audra Estelle Audra Estelle29 September 1906110Birth 
McGinnis, Martha Florence Martha Florence29 September 1905111Birth 
Lewis, S. Alton S. Alton29 September 1904112Birth 
Lane, John H. John H.29 September 1900116Birth 
Carson, Curt Curt29 September 1900116Birth 
Moseley, Benjamin Bryan Benjamin Bryan29 September 1898118Birth 
Brewton, Levy Ann Ruth Levy Ann Ruth29 September 1894122Birth 
White, George Synder George Synder29 September 1893123Birth 
Partridge, Elizabeth Elizabeth29 September 1887129Death 
Bryant, Henry Floyd Henry Floyd29 September 1879137Birth 
Young, Blanche Blanche29 September 1878138Birth 
Daniels, Hannah Jeannette "Hattie" Hannah Jeannette "Hattie"29 September 1877139Death 
Kryens, Anna Anna29 September 1877139Birth 
Barton, Edith Almy Edith Almy29 September 1876140Birth 
Partridge, Joseph Joseph29 September 1873143Death 
Sirmon, Minnie Minnie29 September 1873143Birth 
Haywood, Martha R. Martha R.29 September 1862154Death 
Barnes, E.A. E.A.29 September 1857159Death 
Barton, Mary Mary29 September 1853163Birth 
Greenleaf, James Monroe James Monroe29 September 1843173Birth 
Bullard, Anna Elizabeth Anna Elizabeth29 September 1842174Birth 
Newell, Henry Sawyer Henry Sawyer29 September 1839177Birth 
Scoville, Clarissa Ann Clarissa Ann29 September 1838178Birth 
Richard, Louis Louis29 September 1819197Burial 
Richard, Pierre Cyrille Pierre Cyrille29 September 1816200Baptism 
Bath, Mary Eliza Mary Eliza29 September 1813203Birth 
Partridge, Lucy Ann Lucy Ann29 September 1813203Birth 
Richard, Louise Louise29 September 1790226Birth 
Spalding, Sena Sena29 September 1780236Birth 
Spalding, Ephraim Ephraim29 September 1769247Birth 
Bullard, John John29 September 1758258Death 
Partridge, Thankful Thankful29 September 1756260Death 
Scovill, Stephen Stephen29 September 1751265Death 
Scovill, Samuel Samuel29 September 1731285Birth 
Fisher, Cornelius Cornelius29 September 1692324Birth 
Carraway, Edgar Allen
Willett, Debra A.
Edgar Allen29 September 200313Divorce 
Vaughan, James Willard Jr
Johnson, Ruby Lee
James Willard Jr29 September 192789Marriage 
Quinn, Harry
Barnes, Lena
Harry29 September 192294Marriage 
Andrus, Vernon Hugh
Legendre, Clotilde
Vernon Hugh29 September 1906110Marriage 
Lansdale, Lee
Killingsworth, Molly
Lee29 September 1898118Marriage 
Blahnik, John
Shuster, Mary
John29 September 1896120Marriage 
Bickford, E. Charles
Scoville, Mary Electa
E. Charles29 September 1892124Marriage 
Rowe, Porter
Marvin, Asenath
Porter29 September 1823193Marriage 
Lavergne, Joseph
Richard, Augustine
Joseph29 September 1812204Marriage 
Hale, John
Taylor, Martha
John29 September 1769247Marriage 

Total events: 73
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