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Hardee, Edith Estelle Edith Estelle30 April 20116Death 
Jensen, Arnold Austin Arnold Austin30 April 200413Death 
Simpson, Peggy A. Peggy A.30 April 200413Death 
Stelz, Leontine Christine Leontine Christine30 April 200215Death 
Nunnally, Barbara Nancy Barbara 30 April 200116Death 
Carter, Edith Modean Edith Modean30 April 200017Death 
Adkins, Walter Shurette Walter Shurette30 April 199918Death 
Middlebrooks, Mary Lou Mary Lou30 April 199819Death 
Leslie, Bertha Bertha30 April 199720Death 
Hickman, Cuma Cuma30 April 199522Death 
Fish, Elmer James Elmer James30 April 199027Death 
Mathis, Lillian Madeline Lillian Madeline30 April 198532Death 
Briscoe, Wallace J. Wallace J.30 April 198433Death 
Moseley, Vernon Jesse Vernon Jesse30 April 198136Death 
Perkins, Florence Myrtle Florence 30 April 197839Death 
Jones, John Maxwell Sr John Maxwell Sr30 April 197740Death 
Dawson, Mary Frances Mary Frances30 April 197740Death 
Braswell, John Duncan Jr John Duncan Jr30 April 197542Death 
Jones, John Earl John 30 April 197245Death 
Pierce, Teddy Claiborne Teddy Claiborne30 April 196849Burial 
Pierce, Teddy Claiborne Teddy Claiborne30 April 196849Event 
Vizena, James Kyle James Kyle30 April 196849Birth 
Woodham, William Edward William Edward30 April 195265Death 
Cannon, Rev Donald Gene Rev Donald Genebetween 30 April 1952 and 9 October 195265Military 
Mixon, John Kendrick John Kendrick30 April 194473Death 
Haworth, Helen Marie Helen Marie30 April 194176Birth 
Higdon, Hunter Hunter30 April 193879Death 
Maylott, John Thomas John Thomas30 April 193780Death 
Moseley, Mary Ann Mary Ann30 April 193780Death 
Mangum, Janiss Elizabeth Janiss Elizabeth30 April 193681Birth 
Monroe, Isabelle Olivia Isabelle Olivia30 April 192295Birth 
Barnes, Aline Aline30 April 192097Birth 
Mullins, Claude D. Claude D.30 April 191998Birth 
Lewis, Opal Opal30 April 191899Birth 
Duncan, David Vincent David Vincent30 April 1914103Birth 
McClelland, Lydia Olive Lydia 30 April 1913104Death 
Shows, Robert J. Robert J.30 April 1913104Birth 
Lowrey, Marvin Cullen Marvin Cullen30 April 1910107Birth 
Davenport, John T. John T.30 April 1910107Birth 
Brasier, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)30 April 1909108Birth 
Casselmann, Ottilie Ottilie30 April 1909108Birth 
Gaul, Vincent John MD Vincent John MD30 April 1909108Birth 
Prince, Leala O. Leala O.30 April 1905112Birth 
Killingsworth, Evalena Evalena30 April 1904113Birth 
Gay, Isaac E. Isaac E.30 April 1904113Death 
Baker, Elvie Elvie30 April 1903114Birth 
Prince, Ellis Eri Ellis Eri30 April 1900117Birth 
Partridge, Micajah Reed Micajah Reed30 April 1887130Death 
Palpham, Joseph John Joseph John30 April 1884133Birth 
Bullard, Mary Mary30 April 1883134Death 
Galloway, Lella Lella30 April 1883134Birth 
Graham, Julia Missouri Julia 30 April 1882135Birth 
Partin, Rexford Elwood Rexford 30 April 1881136Birth 
Shows, James Aldine James Aldine30 April 1881136Birth 
Bearce, Alexis Weston Alexis Weston30 April 1879138Death 
Braswell, Hiram Bryant Hiram Bryant30 April 1871146Death 
Partridge, Warren Warren30 April 1871146Death 
Buckley, David F. David F.30 April 1870147Birth 
Going, Dozena Dozena30 April 1866151Birth 
Green, Christopher C. Christopher C.30 April 1864153Military 
Mixon, Clara Frances Eudora Clara Frances Eudora30 April 1862155Birth 
Partridge, David David30 April 1859158Death 
Marvin, Caroline Alena Caroline Alena30 April 1845172Birth 
Moore, George E. George E.30 April 1833184Birth 
Leland, Lemuel Nelson Lemuel Nelson30 April 1825192Birth 
Bullard, Henry Henry30 April 1799218Death 
Partridge, Tabitha Tabitha30 April 1765252Birth 
Holbrook, Samuel Samuel30 April 1736281Birth 
Dunham, Elizabeth Elizabeth30 April 1734283Birth 
Scovill, Johannah Johannahbetween 30 April 1698 and 30 April 1699318Birth 
Scovill, Johannah Johannahbetween 30 April 1698 and 30 April 1699319Birth 
Fournier, Francoise Francoise30 April 1671346Birth 
Farrington, Abigail Abigail30 April 1668349Birth 
Bruner, Billy Dan
Crow, Virgie Myrle
Billy Dan30 April 196948Divorce 
Baker, Travis Lloyd Jr
Trammell, Alice J.
Travis Lloyd Jr30 April 195265Marriage 
Braswell, Allen Burris
White, Esther Gertrude
Allen Burris30 April 192394Marriage 
McCaffery, Patrick Michael
Pryor, Margaret "Maggie"
Patrick Michael30 April 1891126Marriage 
Pierce, John
Scovill, Philoma
John30 April 1856161Marriage 
Spalding, Dua
Warren, Marcy
Dua30 April 1807210Marriage 
Bullard, Silas
Adams, Thankful
Silas30 April 1782235Marriage 
Adams, Jonathan
Clark, Patience
Jonathan30 April 1732285Marriage 
Mercier, Louis
Simon, Marie Louise
Louis30 April 1703314Marriage 

Total events: 82
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