Isaac Bullard + Sarah Morse

Isaac Bullard ‎(I5439)‎
Birth 25 July 1688 54 Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
Death 1742 ‎(Age 53)‎
Benjamin Bullard ‎(I5421)‎
Birth 1634 35 Barnham, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom
Death 27 September 1689 ‎(Age 55)‎ Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Mary Bullard ‎(I5452)‎
Birth 28 March 1711 22
Samuel Bullard ‎(I5561)‎
Birth between 11 January 1714 and 1715 25 Holliston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
Death 27 May 1793 ‎(Age 79)‎
Sarah Bullard ‎(I5562)‎
Birth 30 October 1718 30 Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
Elizabeth Bullard ‎(I5564)‎
Birth 18 February 1720 31 Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
Isaac Bullard ‎(I5566)‎
Birth 9 October 1726 38 Holliston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
Death 12 January 1814 ‎(Age 87)‎

Family Group Information   (F1853)
MarriageCivil Marriage
23 January 1709 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

Officiated by Pen Townsend, Esq., Justice of the Peace

Show Details Source: Boston Marriages from 1700 to 1751
Publication: Municipal Printing Office Boston 1898
Citation Details:  Pg. 49

Show Details Source: Massachusetts Marriages, 1695-1910

  Text: Groom's Name: Isaac Bullard
Groom's Birth Date:
Groom's Birthplace:
Groom's Age:
Bride's Name: Sarah Morss
Bride's Birth Date:
Bride's Birthplace:
Bride's Age:
Marriage Date: 23 Jan 1709
Marriage Place: Boston,Suffolk,Massachusetts
Groom's Father's Name:
Groom's Mother's Name:
Bride's Father's Name:
Bride's Mother's Name:
Groom's Race:
Groom's Marital Status:
Groom's Previous Wife's Name:
Bride's Race:
Bride's Marital Status:
Bride's Previous Husband's Name:
Indexing Project ‎(Batch)‎ Number: M50220-3
System Origin: Massachusetts-ODM
Source Film Number: 928191
Reference Number:
Collection: Massachusetts Marriages, 1695-1910

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