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Mallard, Virginia "Jennie" Virginia "Jennie"23 May 20089Death 
Berry, Clydean R. Clydean R.23 May 200710Death 
Wilson, Ida Delilian Ida Delilian23 May 200611Death 
Richard, Hershal Hershal23 May 200512Death 
Autrey, Cheryl Jean Cheryl Jean23 May 200413Death 
McDermott, John Patrick III John Patrick III23 May 200413Death 
Ballard, Daniel Richard Daniel Richard23 May 200413Death 
McNaughton, Clydia Mae Clydia Mae23 May 200215Death 
Lavely, Anna Florence Anna Florence23 May 199918Death 
Shows, George W. George W.23 May 199324Death 
Smith, Jack Tisdale Jack Tisdale23 May 198829Death 
Mixon, Lee Ann Lee Ann23 May 198730Death 
Bodie, Rev Luther Alonzo Rev Luther Alonzo23 May 198532Death 
Brooks, Maud M. Maud M.23 May 198334Death 
Ogilvie, Angela Angela23 May 198334Death 
Selmer, Emma Mary Emma Mary23 May 198136Death 
Buechner, Phillip Elmer Phillip Elmer23 May 197245Death 
Hansen, Orbert H. 23 May 197245Death 
Mixon, Carl Pace Carl Pace23 May 196948Burial 
Sager, Leonard A. Leonard A.23 May 195958Death 
Lewis, Eunice Eunice23 May 195166Death 
Hess, Kenneth Lowe "Kenny" Jr Kenneth Lowe "Kenny" Jr23 May 194869Birth 
Dampeer, Estus D. Estus D.23 May 194473Death 
Rogers, Shirley Ann Shirley Ann23 May 194176Birth 
Braswell, Lydia Dora Lydia Dora23 May 193879Burial 
Carson, Cyrena Mae Cyrena Mae23 May 193582Death 
Byrd, Cecil Conway Cecil Conway23 May 192691Birth 
Darnell, Mary Melissa Mary Melissa23 May 192493Death 
Stone, William Stanley William Stanley23 May 192394Birth 
Peart, Victor Sr Victor Sr23 May 192394Birth 
Bush, Albenie Albenie23 May 192394Death 
Lukinovich, Edward Leonard Edward Leonard23 May 192196Birth 
Singer, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)23 May 1915102Death 
Graves, Jesse Willard "Bill" Jesse Willard "Bill"23 May 1915102Birth 
Brown, Roxie Ann Roxie Ann23 May 1911106Birth 
Riley, Ima Mae Ima Mae23 May 1911106Birth 
Ney, Bertha Beecher Bertha Beecher23 May 1910107Birth 
Mixon, Janie Myrtle Janie 23 May 1905112Birth 
Moak, Ethel Ethel23 May 1905112Birth 
Stockall, Burt W. Burt W.23 May 1904113Birth 
Marvin, Esther Parmelia Esther Parmelia23 May 1903114Death 
Mixon, Morgan W. Morgan W.23 May 1899118Burial 
Gable, Arthur Barnabas Arthur Barnabas23 May 1895122Death 
Holloway, Zebie Zebie23 May 1892125Birth 
Woodham, Edith Myra Edith Myra23 May 1891126Birth 
Thompson, Annie G. Annie G.23 May 1889128Birth 
Garter, Nora Nora23 May 1887130Death 
Scoville, Goodwin David Goodwin David23 May 1887130Death 
Easley, Minnie May Minnie May23 May 1886131Birth 
Carter, Alvin Moses Alvin Moses23 May 1881136Birth 
Shows, John Martin John Martin23 May 1875142Birth 
Rall, Paulina Paulina23 May 1860157Immigration 
Scoville, Philandra Ann Philandra Ann23 May 1854163Death 
Scoville, Helen C. Helen C.23 May 1847170Birth 
Cotton, Susan B. Susan B.23 May 1846171Death 
Scoville, Prudence D. Prudence D.23 May 1844173Birth 
Stevens, Lydia Lydia23 May 1827190Death 
Bath, John Fletcher John Fletcher23 May 1811206Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, Milly Milly23 May 1793224Birth 
Harrington, Lucy Lucy23 May 1778239Birth 
Partridge, Anna Anna23 May 1770247Birth 
Hill, Joseph Joseph23 May 1767250Death 
Lucas, Mary Mary23 May 1753264Death 
Bullard, Abigail Abigail23 May 1751266Death 
Harrington, Moses Moses23 May 1750267Birth 
Guyon, Genevieve Genevieve23 May 1696321Birth 
Welch, William H. William H.23 May Birth 
Kirchhoff, John Joseph
Mixon, Mary Virginia
John Joseph23 May 194869Marriage 
Byrd, Cecil Conway
Christopher, Faye Louise
Cecil Conway23 May 194869Marriage 
Mixon, Claudine
Evans, Katherine
Claudine23 May 194374Marriage 
Mixon, Shelby Leroy
Kirkpatrick, Lois Lucille
Shelby Leroy23 May 193186Marriage 
Moseley, William Edgar
Henry, Lilian
William Edgar23 May 192790Marriage 
Wilcox, Winnifred Allen
Holt, Carrie
Winnifred Allen23 May 191899Marriage 
Richard, Pierre Placide
Hebert, Anastasie
Pierre Placide23 May 1815202Marriage 
Richard, Philippe
Lavergne, Marie Eugenie
Philippe23 May 1796221Marriage 
Partridge, Sylvester
Morse, Peggy
Sylvester23 May 1787230Marriage 
Scovill, John
Bishop, Abigail
Johnbetween 22 May 1750 and 23 May 1750267Marriage 
Wight, Thomas
Richardson, Mary
Thomas23 May 1745272Marriage 

Total events: 78
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