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Lavergne, Ravis Joseph Ravis Joseph20 August 20116Death 
Warner, Mary Ida Mary Ida20 August 20098Death 
Graves, Paula Kaye Paula Kaye20 August 200710Death 
Shows, Archie Lee Archie Lee20 August 200611Death 
Carter, Marvin Robertson Marvin Robertson20 August 200611Death 
Swanner, Lelon Curtis II Lelon Curtis II20 August 200314Event 
Swanner, Lelon Curtis II Lelon Curtis II20 August 200314Burial 
Herring, Alene Alene20 August 200314Death 
Ouellette, Norman D. Norman D.20 August 200314Death 
Traywick, Irene Irene20 August 199918Death 
Shows, William T. William T.20 August 199522Death 
Reed, Etoile Etoile20 August 199126Death 
Shows, Norman Robertson Norman Robertson20 August 198829Death 
Raymond, Edmond V. Edmond V.20 August 198631Death 
Welisek, Josephine Josephine20 August 198532Death 
Nappier, John Allen John Allen20 August 198532Death 
‎(unknown)‎, Leopoldine E. Leopoldine E.20 August 197839Death 
Shively, Geraldine Elizabeth Geraldine Elizabeth20 August 197542Death 
Sikes, Lessie Olivia Lessie Olivia20 August 197542Death 
Matuse, Lila Bell Lila Bell20 August 197443Death 
Moore, Rosaine "Rosa" Rosaine "Rosa"20 August 197344Death 
Nettles, William DuBose William DuBose20 August 196849Death 
Little, Vance Lee Vance Lee20 August 196651Death 
Masterson, Cora Lila Cora Lila20 August 196255Death 
Jones, Joseph Lawrence Joseph Lawrence20 August 195760Death 
McDowell, Herbert Herbert20 August 195166Death 
Boyd, Lura D. "Lula" Lura D. "Lula"20 August 194275Death 
Chapman, William Sams "Bill" William Sams "Bill"20 August 194275Military 
Mixon, Wiley Arthur Wiley Arthur20 August 193681Death 
Potts, N.J. "Sonny" N.J. "Sonny"20 August 193582Birth 
Ney, Roxana Beecher Roxana Beecherbetween 20 August 1935 and 30 August 193582Event 
Ruddell, Jesse Ray Jesse Ray20 August 192889Birth 
Connor, Lester L. Lester L.20 August 192790Birth 
Tisdale, William Karl William Karl20 August 192691Birth 
Kizer, Darrell "D.K." Darrell "D.K."20 August 192493Birth 
Bush, Claude Alex Jr Claude Alex Jr20 August 192295Birth 
Rollins, Eliza Elizabeth Eliza Elizabeth20 August 192295Birth 
Blackmon, William Lyles "Bill" William Lyles "Bill"20 August 192196Death 
Little, Roy Stancil Roy Stancil20 August 191899Birth 
Seidl, Eleanor Eleanor20 August 1917100Birth 
Jones, Daisy Mae Daisy Mae20 August 1913104Birth 
Liles, Morgan E. Morgan E.20 August 1908109Birth 
Riley, Sabra Irene Sabra Irene20 August 1905112Death 
Thomas, Gervase Cameron Gervase Cameron20 August 1904113Birth 
Moseley, Earla Earla20 August 1903114Birth 
Rushing, Elsie Elsie20 August 1902115Birth 
Critchfield, John Dawson John Dawson20 August 1900117Death 
Heath, William Herbert William Herbert20 August 1899118Birth 
Greenleaf, Jane Maria Jane Maria20 August 1899118Death 
Roberts, Wilbert Francis Wilbert Francis20 August 1899118Birth 
Large, W. Marion W. Marion20 August 1898119Birth 
Thibodeaux, Leodis Leodis20 August 1898119Birth 
Sager, Ernest E. Ernest E.20 August 1897120Birth 
Wheeler, Annie L. Annie L.20 August 1895122Birth 
Rhodes, Edwin Marshall Edwin Marshall20 August 1894123Birth 
Harmon, Rena Rena20 August 1894123Birth 
Cheyney, Ella Niove Ella Niove20 August 1893124Birth 
Graham, Clinton M. Clinton M.20 August 1891126Birth 
Nelson, Chastie Orcelia Chastie Orcelia20 August 1888129Birth 
Woodham, Neila Gretchen Neila Gretchen20 August 1885132Birth 
Shows, John Thames Sr John Thames Sr20 August 1883134Birth 
Marvin, Mary Earle Mary Earle20 August 1882135Birth 
Burgess, Ida Mae Ida Mae20 August 1879138Birth 
Brainerd, Nellie B. Nellie B.20 August 1873144Birth 
Shows, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)20 August 1872145Birth 
Shows, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)20 August 1872145Death 
Banard, Alphonson Alphonson20 August 1871146Birth 
Stephens, Anna Elizabeth Anna Elizabeth20 August 1869148Birth 
Goos, Frederick Moeling 20 August 1864153Birth 
Mixon, Seyborn William Seyborn William20 August 1863154Birth 
Graves, Frank Oren Frank Oren20 August 1863154Birth 
Osbun, Albert Shannon Albert Shannon20 August 1850167Birth 
Partridge, Mary Mary20 August 1848169Death 
Marvin, Lucy Lucy20 August 1842175Birth 
Bullard, Agnes Olivia Agnes Olivia20 August 1841176Birth 
Braswell, Richard Richard20 August 1839178Death 
Bullard, Mary Ann Mary Ann20 August 1832185Birth 
Partridge, Elmira Elmira20 August 1808209Birth 
Scovill, Hamilton Hamilton20 August 1807210Birth 
Scovill, Elizabeth Elizabeth20 August 1795222Birth 
Partridge, Miriam Miriam20 August 1787230Birth 
Bullard, Jonathan Jonathanbetween 20 August 1777 and 16 June 1778240Military 
Bullard, Judith Judith20 August 1733284Birth 
Scovill, Stephen Stephen20 August 1706311Birth 
Garrett, Byron Franklin Jr
‎(unknown)‎, Lois Eddiene
Byron Franklin Jr20 August 197740Marriage 
Smith, William Fletcher
Roberts, Dorothy Lee
William Fletcher20 August 193582Marriage 
Bullard, Charles Benjamin "Charley"
Mapes, Vada
Charles Benjamin "Charley"20 August 192790Marriage 
Brasseur, Pierre
Gaudet, Marguerite-Josephe
Pierre20 August 1753264Marriage 

Total events: 88
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