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Barclay, Will Bower Jr Will Bower Jr28 June 20125Death 
Blake, Alon Alon28 June 20116Burial 
Blake, Alon Alon28 June 20116Event 
Baker, Frances Frances28 June 20116Death 
Skinner, Warren Zimmerman Sr Warren Zimmerman Sr28 June 20107Death 
Carter, Annie Mae Annie Mae28 June 200017Death 
Wright, Ezma Ezma28 June 199324Death 
Sallee, Carrie Mae Carrie Mae28 June 199027Death 
Bright, Sally Sally28 June 198532Death 
Sims, Corene Corene28 June 198433Death 
Keen, Susan S. "Susie" Susan S. "Susie"28 June 198334Death 
Daniel, Robert Leroy Robert Leroy28 June 196156Death 
Gilley, Leon Craig Leon 28 June 195562Birth 
Bloomer, Irma W. Irma W.28 June 195166Death 
Park, Charles Francis Jr Charles Francis Jr28 June 194572Death 
Carraway, John Thomas Andrew John Thomas Andrew28 June 194473Death 
Whitman, Hyman Fuller Hyman Fuller28 June 194176Death 
Dampeer, Archie Riley Archie Riley28 June 194176Military 
Walker, Mickey Joe Mickey Joe28 June 193780Birth 
Walker, Mickey Joe Mickey Joe28 June 193780Death 
Shoemaker, Jerry Keith Jerry Keith28 June 193681Birth 
Houk, Phillip G. Phillip G.28 June 193384Death 
Baxter, Betty Jean Betty Jean28 June 193384Birth 
Wolfe, William L. William L.28 June 193285Birth 
Sharton, Beverley Beverley28 June 193285Birth 
Moffett, Wilburn Lee Wilburn Lee28 June 193186Birth 
Mixon, Frances Elizabeth "Fannie" Frances Elizabeth "Fannie"28 June 192988Event 
Mixon, Frances Elizabeth "Fannie" Frances Elizabeth "Fannie"28 June 192988Burial 
Bellard, Larry Anthony Larry Anthony28 June 192889Birth 
Caulfield, Gloria Gloria28 June 192691Birth 
Branch, William Morgan William Morgan28 June 192592Death 
Wade, Anthony Anthony28 June 192592Death 
Parker, Charles William Charles William28 June 192493Birth 
Lofton, Blanche Tiona Blanche Tiona28 June 1916101Birth 
Kendrick, Nora Lee Nora Lee28 June 1914103Birth 
Byrd, John T. John T.28 June 1913104Birth 
Bennett, Granville Gaylord Granville Gaylord28 June 1910107Death 
Mitchell, Agnes Elizabeth Agnes Elizabeth28 June 1909108Birth 
Dickinson, Otis Herman Otis Herman28 June 1909108Birth 
Hardee, Vera Vera28 June 1909108Birth 
Hardee, Thera Thera28 June 1909108Birth 
Leathey, Jennie Myrtle Jennie Myrtle28 June 1907110Death 
Myers, Guy Hansey Guy Hansey28 June 1904113Birth 
Bertrand, Edmond Edmond28 June 1903114Birth 
Mixon, Carl Pace Carl Pace28 June 1902115Birth 
Curtis, Hannah B. Hannah B.28 June 1901116Death 
Marvin, Flora M. Flora M.28 June 1900117Birth 
Sallee, Clara Viola Clara Viola28 June 1897120Birth 
Mixon, Bertha Bertha28 June 1895122Birth 
Shows, Carl Everett Carl Everett28 June 1892125Birth 
Brownlee, John Charles John Charles28 June 1887130Birth 
Blanchet, Mary Elizabeth Hall Mary Elizabeth Hall28 June 1885132Birth 
Davis, Kimmie Lou "Kem" Kimmie Lou "Kem"28 June 1882135Birth 
Greenleaf, Mary Mary28 June 1872145Death 
Bukey, Alexander Hill Alexander Hill28 June 1865152Military 
Bellows, William Joseph William Josephbetween 28 June 1861 and 4 June 1864156Occupation 
Scoville, Riley Disbro Riley Disbro28 June 1858159Birth 
Bihm, Jacob Jacob28 June 1857160Birth 
Sallee, Aderestia Aderestia28 June 1855162Birth 
Butler, Franklin Theodore Franklin Theodore28 June 1853164Birth 
Marvin, Marcia Emeline Marcia Emeline28 June 1851166Birth 
Partridge, Moses Moses28 June 1849168Death 
Krauss, Luise Wilhelmina Karolinn Emilie Luise Wilhelmina Karolinn Emilie28 June 1845172Birth 
Barnes, James Lamar James Lamar28 June 1840177Birth 
Geissler, Carl Eberhard Carl Eberhard28 June 1834183Birth 
LeJeune, Joseph Treville Joseph Treville28 June 1827190Birth 
Jones, Simpson Simpson28 June 1825192Death 
Scovell, Silas Silas28 June 1824193Death 
Scovell, Calista Calista28 June 1824193Death 
Hall, John Wesley John Wesley28 June 1819198Birth 
Riley, John Shows John Shows28 June 1817200Birth 
Parkhurst, Clara P. Clara P.28 June 1809208Birth 
Scovill, Abigail Abigail28 June 1805212Birth 
Braswell, Benjamin Blow Benjamin Blow28 June 1795222Birth 
McMahon, Susanna Susanna28 June 1788229Birth 
Jeansonne, Joseph Joseph28 June 1784233Birth 
Harrington, Jacob Jacob28 June 1774243Birth 
Bullard, Joshua Joshua28 June 1759258Birth 
Daniels, Abigail Abigail28 June 1756261Death 
Marvin, Abigail Abigail28 June 1747270Birth 
Jones, Jesse Jesse28 June 1738279Birth 
Laramore, James Alan
Murphy, Kathleen Louise "Kathy"
James Alan28 June 196948Marriage 
Hammel, John Calvin Jr
Gibson, Joyce
John Calvin Jr28 June 195265Marriage 
Risley, Harold Eugene
Faires, Corinne Elaine
Harold Eugene28 June 195166Marriage 
Lajoie, Garner A.
Ouellette, Lorraine V.
Garner A.28 June 194968Marriage 
Mixon, Vander
Meeks, Vina Olivia
Vander28 June 192493Marriage 
Burnham, Earl Keith
Moseley, Doris
Earl Keith28 June 192493Marriage 
Woodman, Franklin R.
Marvin, Lucinda Ann
Franklin R.28 June 1899118Marriage 
Yunger, Joseph
Thor, Franciska
Joseph28 June 1881136Marriage 
Devore, Thomas Disan
Bullard, Anna Ellen
Thomas Disan28 June 1880137Marriage 
Bullard, George Walton
Smith, Eleanor L.
George Walton28 June 1860157Marriage 
Williamson, Jacob Prather
Odell, Eliza Ann
Jacob Prather28 June 1829188Marriage 
Bullard, Henry
Morse, Abigail
Henry28 June 1770247Marriage 
Braswell, Richard
Sampson, Sarah Valentine
Richard28 June 1673344Marriage 

Total events: 94
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