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Moseley, Sue Dean Sue Dean16 December 20107Death 
Burt, Chelsey H. Chelsey H.16 December 20098Death 
Vordenbaum, Malcolm Arthur Malcolm Arthur16 December 200413Death 
Hamilton, Leona Leona16 December 200215Death 
McKellar, Harold Duggan Harold Duggan16 December 199126Death 
Taylor, William Clifford William Clifford16 December 198730Death 
Williams, John Wiley John Wiley16 December 198631Death 
Lejeune, Oscar Oscar16 December 198136Death 
Matt, Madeline Madeline16 December 197146Death 
Dexter, James O. James O.16 December 196354Death 
Pierce, Harlee Josie III Harlee Josie III16 December 196156Birth 
Pierce, Harlee Josie III Harlee Josie III16 December 196156Death 
Brown, Carl Henry Carl Henry16 December 195661Birth 
Dickerson, Dixie Louise Dixie Louise16 December 195265Death 
Tumlin, Louis A. Louis A.16 December 194770Death 
Riley, Jefferson Davis 16 December 194770Death 
Price, Minnie R. Minnie R.16 December 194473Death 
Brown, Caroline Lenore Caroline Lenore16 December 194275Burial 
Berry, Mary Maude Mary 16 December 194275Death 
Burnum, Ila Jo Ila Jo16 December 193879Birth 
Bullard, Addie Mae Addie Mae16 December 193681Death 
Richard, Theodore Theodore16 December 193582Death 
Kennedy, Leslie Lloyd Leslie 16 December 192592Birth 
Unger, Burt Burt16 December 192592Military 
Kennedy, Leslie Lloyd Leslie 16 December 192493Birth 
Brasseur, Moise Moise16 December 192493Death 
Graham, Nancy Margaret Nancy Margaret16 December 192196Death 
Taylor, Sybil G. Sybil G.16 December 192196Birth 
England, Marion F. Marion F.16 December 192097Military 
Carter, Helen Helen16 December 191998Birth 
Shows, Hazelle Vestelle Hazelle Vestelle16 December 191899Birth 
Hilbun, William Henry Sr William Henry Sr16 December 191899Event 
McEwen, Doris Lee Doris Lee16 December 191899Birth 
Jones, Lois Lois16 December 1914103Birth 
Moseley, Bethel Pinkney Bethel Pinkney16 December 1913104Death 
Houston, Jewel Edith Jewel Edith16 December 1911106Birth 
Coleman, Nola Mae Nola Mae16 December 1911106Birth 
Going, Delia Caretha Delia Caretha16 December 1909108Birth 
Going, Edward Jackson Edward Jackson16 December 1908109Death 
Johnson, Ruby Lee Ruby Lee16 December 1908109Birth 
Duncan, Eunice Naomi Eunice Naomi16 December 1907110Birth 
Finney, Joanna Grace Joanna Grace16 December 1906111Birth 
Smith, Evelyn Evelyn16 December 1904113Birth 
Greathouse, Cecil Clark Cecil Clark16 December 1900117Birth 
Marvin, Caroline Alena Caroline Alena16 December 1899118Death 
Skinner, Tracy Tracy16 December 1897120Birth 
Pitts, Emitt Paul Emitt Paul16 December 1896121Birth 
Nelson, Leslie Harold Leslie Harold16 December 1894123Birth 
Pool, Josh Herman Josh 16 December 1894123Birth 
Stowe, Nathaniel H. Nathaniel H.16 December 1891126Death 
Hamilton, Costy Alexander Costy Alexander16 December 1890127Birth 
Mixon, Ida Pauline Ida Pauline16 December 1888129Birth 
Carter, Vertner Vertner16 December 1885132Birth 
Wyatt, James Overton James Overton16 December 1884133Death 
Mixon, Joseph Larkin Joseph Larkin16 December 1881136Death 
Mixon, Western Western16 December 1881136Death 
Hathorn, Robert Reese Robert Reese16 December 1879138Birth 
Richard, Louis Louis16 December 1877140Birth 
Fondren, Ada Ada16 December 1877140Birth 
Dutton, Ruben M. F. Ruben M. F.16 December 1868149Birth 
Beecher, Kate Eunice Kate Eunice16 December 1864153Birth 
Mixon, Jehu Jehu16 December 1862155Death 
Marvin, Matthias Matthias16 December 1859158Death 
Chamberlain, Ziba Ziba16 December 1857160Birth 
Matheson, Patrick Edmonston Patrick Edmonston16 December 1853164Birth 
Spears, Elizabeth America Elizabeth America16 December 1838179Birth 
Scoville, Albro Albro16 December 1828189Birth 
Robertson, Harriett Harriett16 December 1824193Birth 
Oglesby, Garrett T. "Cart" Garrett T. "Cart"16 December 1813204Birth 
Rockwood, Lois R. Lois R.16 December 1812205Death 
Fisher, Mary Mary16 December 1812205Death 
Mills, Guillaume Guillaume16 December 1799218Baptism 
Partridge, John Warren John Warren16 December 1782235Birth 
Hitchcock, Mary Mary16 December 1776241Birth 
Newell, Theodore Theodore16 December 1771246Birth 
Everett, Sylvia Sylvia16 December 1764253Birth 
Bullard, Beriah Beriah16 December 1758259Birth 
Leland, Sarah Sarah16 December 1733284Death 
Brasseur, Cosme Cosme16 December 1712305Birth 
Joly, Jean-Dominique Jean-Dominique16 December 1707310Birth 
Smith, Billy Joe
Mixon, Georgia Alberta
Billy Joe16 December 194968Marriage 
Bullard, Howard Upton
Loeser, Louise
Howard Upton16 December 193384Marriage 
Brown, James Thomas "Jim"
Mixon, Janie Myrtle
James Thomas "Jim"16 December 192592Marriage 
Robbins, Acile P.
Holt, Susan
Acile P.16 December 191899Marriage 
McCrory, William Ace
Williams, Ethel
William Ace16 December 1915102Marriage 
Scarborough, Burl Baston Sr
Holmes, Leona E.
Burl Baston Sr16 December 1906111Marriage 
Gainey, J.T.
Braswell, Rose Ardella
J.T.16 December 1900117Marriage 
Ray, Adolphus "Dolph"
Moseley, Catherine Harriet Sienia
Adolphus "Dolph"16 December 1891126Marriage 
Scoville, William Welton
Peck, Augusta S.
William Welton16 December 1882135Marriage 
Mixon, Western
Winegart, Charity Elizabeth
Western16 December 1875142Marriage 
Ovitt, Almiron W.
Spalding, Julia Maria
Almiron W.16 December 1861156Marriage 
Hestle, Isaiah Jeremiah
Mixon, Elizabeth Wiles
Isaiah Jeremiah16 December 1830187Marriage 
Spalding, Jason
Goodell, Lucy
Jason16 December 1818199Marriage 
Littlefield, Isaac
Lovering, Elizabeth
Isaac16 December 1773244Marriage 

Total events: 94
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