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Earliest Birth YearBrancewell, John ‎(I36305)‎
Birth about 1485 England, United Kingdom
Latest Birth YearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest Death YearPrater, John ‎(I38415)‎
Birth 1492 Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom
Death 1547 ‎(Age 55)‎ Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom
Latest Death Year Garrett, John Edward ‎(I286)‎
Birth 13 August 1932 20 19 Dodson, Winn, Louisiana, USA
Death 22 January 2018 ‎(Age 85)‎
Person who lived the longest
Graves, Charles Edward ‎(I29948)‎
Birth 4 August 1888 Ellisville, Jones, Mississippi, USA
Death 26 June 1999 ‎(Age 110)‎ Ellisville, Jones, Mississippi, USA
Average age at death
Family with the most children
LeGardeur, Jean-Baptiste
Nicolet, Marguerite
Marriage 9 July 1656 Quebec, Canada
Average number of children per family

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Beck, Addie Ophelia Addie Ophelia23 February 20099Death 
Myers, James E. James E.23 February 200612Death 
Bush, Barksdale Alexander III Barksdale Alexander III23 February 200315Death 
Lewis, Myrna J. Myrna J.23 February 200117Death 
Bukey, Albert Merrill Albert Merrill23 February 199523Death 
Broome, Corine S. Corine S.23 February 199325Death 
Richard, Helen Barbara Helen Barbara23 February 199028Death 
Wasson, George Ware George Ware23 February 198830Burial 
Wasson, George Ware George Ware23 February 198830Event 
‎(unknown)‎, Nora E. Nora E.23 February 198731Death 
Loflin, Sherwood Dean Sherwood Dean23 February 198137Death 
Hulsey, Lotus Lotus23 February 198137Death 
Palliser, Helen Mary Helen Mary23 February 197246Death 
Harrod, Bruce Bruce23 February 196751Death 
Holmes, Norvel Virgil Norvel 23 February 196454Death 
Waters, Matthew Alan Matthew 23 February 196058Birth 
Hurd, Clara Elizabeth Clara Elizabeth23 February 195761Death 
Morgan, John Grady John Grady23 February 195563Death 
Buckley, Charlotte Ann Charlotte Ann23 February 195563Death 
Beard, Benjamin Hamilton Benjamin Hamilton23 February 195068Death 
Shows, Nancy Joe Ann Nancy Joe Ann23 February 194870Birth 
Mixon, Janice Yvonne Janice Yvonne23 February 194771Birth 
Shows, Lewis David Lewis David23 February 194276Military 
Morgan, Leo Leo23 February 194177Death 
Bukey, Joseph Daniel Joseph Daniel23 February 193979Burial 
Koon, Fay Arlene Fay Arlene23 February 193979Birth 
Woolley, James Monroe James Monroe23 February 193583Birth 
Richard, Victor Raimond Victor Raimond23 February 193484Death 
Shows, Kindred Monroe "Ken" Kindred Monroe "Ken"23 February 193385Death 
Ehmling, Lois Marie Lois Marie23 February 192989Birth 
Abels, Lawrence Lawrence23 February 192692Birth 
Walker, Margaret Margaret23 February 192494Death 
Mixon, Myrtle Orale Myrtle Orale23 February 192197Birth 
Beasley, Bunah Mae "Molly" Bunah Mae "Molly"23 February 192197Birth 
Weathersby, Elmyra Balsorah Indiana Elmyra 23 February 192197Death 
Andrus, Arceneaux Arceneaux23 February 192098Death 
Gilmartin, Helen Frances Helen Frances23 February 1918100Birth 
Marshall, James C. James C.23 February 1918100Birth 
Franks, Gladys Gladys23 February 1913105Birth 
Oliger, Connor Andrew Connor Andrew23 February 1910108Birth 
Wiggins, I.J. I.J.23 February 1908110Birth 
Harris, Austin Earl Austin Earl23 February 1907111Birth 
Stacey, William Harvey William Harvey23 February 1907111Death 
Harris, Austin Earl Austin Earl23 February 1907111Birth 
Gibson, Komah Jones Komah Jones23 February 1906112Birth 
Monroe, Benjamin Columbus Benjamin Columbus23 February 1898120Birth 
Rion, Mollie Mollie23 February 1895123Birth 
Coker, William Cullen William Cullen23 February 1893125Birth 
Stegall, Mary Ella Mary Ella23 February 1891127Birth 
Bellard, Moise Moise23 February 1888130Birth 
Underwood, Sarah Sarah23 February 1887131Death 
Loflin, Ernest O. Ernest O.23 February 1886132Birth 
Garrett, Susan Elizabeth Susan Elizabeth23 February 1886132Birth 
Yunger, Joseph Joseph23 February 1884134Death 
Roberts, William Claude William 23 February 1884134Birth 
Blahnik, Frances "Fannie" Frances "Fannie"23 February 1883135Birth 
Pollard, Dora Belle Dora Belle23 February 1883135Birth 
Nelson, Charles Roy Charles Roy23 February 1878140Birth 
Moseley, Emily L. Emily L.23 February 1877141Birth 
Hedgepeth, John Colvin John Colvin23 February 1873145Birth 
Weaver, William W. William W.23 February 1872146Birth 
Dawson, Belle Chipman Belle Chipman23 February 1868150Birth 
Spalding, Hannah Tracy Hannah Tracy23 February 1865153Death 
Combs, Lady Belle Lady 23 February 1863155Birth 
Bullard, Emma Elizabeth Emma Elizabeth23 February 1860158Birth 
Sallee, Delila Hannah Delila Hannah23 February 1859159Birth 
Harmon, Orasmus L. Orasmus L.23 February 1855163Birth 
Moseley, Jesse Robertson Jesse Robertson23 February 1853165Birth 
Scovel, Guilietta Guilietta23 February 1846172Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, Eliza Jane Eliza Jane23 February 1845173Birth 
Riley, Edward Madison "Ned" Sr Edward Madison "Ned" Sr23 February 1837181Birth 
Newell, Isaac Davenport Isaac Davenport23 February 1829189Death 
Partridge, Electa Electa23 February 1823195Death 
Dole, Daniel Daniel23 February 1815203Death 
Cook, Thomas Thomas23 February 1805213Death 
Fisk, Levi Levi23 February 1765253Birth 
Partridge, Daniel Daniel23 February 1757261Birth 
Bullard, Ann Ann23 February 1756262Birth 
Bullard, Joel Joel23 February 1756262Birth 
Harrington, Grace Gracebetween 23 February 1739 and 1740279Birth 
Cooke, Samuel Samuelbetween 23 February 1711 and 23 February 1712306Birth 
Cooke, Samuel Samuelbetween 23 February 1711 and 23 February 1712307Birth 
Segrest, John Lewis
Parker, Patricia Doris
John 23 February 197939Divorce 
Mayer, Jerome Joseph "Jerry"
Gilmartin, Helen Frances
Jerome Joseph "Jerry"23 February 194672Marriage 
Shows, Lewis David
Axtell, Jane E.
Lewis David23 February 194276Marriage 
Andrus, Walter
Milligan, Ernie
Walter23 February 1918100Marriage 
Shipp, Thomas Edward
Monk, Dollie Mae
Thomas Edward23 February 1917101Marriage 
Scoville, Pulaski
Boardwine, Anna
Pulaski23 February 1845173Marriage 
Thibodeaux, Pierre
Wood, Marguerite Arsene
Pierre23 February 1829189Marriage 
Partridge, Sylvester
Brown, Rachel
Sylvester23 February 1814204Marriage 
Bruce, David
Partridge, Mary
David23 February 1797221Marriage 
Hebert, Louis Rene
Lavergne, Marie Angelique
Louis Rene23 February 1705313Marriage 
Farrington, John
Bullard, Mary
John23 February 1649369Marriage 

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