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24 May 2017 - 3:00:59am

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Thompson, Kenneth Dale Kenneth Dale24 May 20107Death 
Kendrick, Aubrey F. Aubrey F.24 May 200512Death 
Braswell, Ola Ione Ola Ione24 May 199225Death 
Brasseaux, Euclide J. Euclide J.24 May 198037Death 
Brunson, Franklin Alexander Franklin 24 May 196948Death 
Shows, James Rufus Alonzo James Rufus Alonzo24 May 194572Death 
Moseley, Sarah Jane Sarah Jane24 May 194275Death 
Barnes, Margaret Ann Margaret Ann24 May 194176Birth 
Matthews, Daniel Ernest Daniel Ernest24 May 193978Death 
Berry, Mavis Mavis24 May 193879Birth 
Blanchett, Elmer A. "Gim" Elmer A. "Gim"24 May 193879Death 
Carson, Cyrena Mae Cyrena Mae24 May 193582Burial 
Carson, Cyrena Mae Cyrena Mae24 May 193582Event 
Jones, James David MD James David MD24 May 193582Death 
Fricke, Edward Edward24 May 193582Birth 
Shows, Theophilus Pearce Theophilus Pearce24 May 192889Death 
Richard, Camille Camille24 May 192592Death 
Bozeman, Willie Mae Willie Mae24 May 1916101Birth 
Bullard, Charles Edward Charles Edward24 May 1915102Death 
Stroud, Bobbie J. Bobbie J.24 May 1914103Birth 
Taylor, Virgil Matt Virgil Matt24 May 1913104Birth 
Foxworth, John Howard John Howard24 May 1912105Birth 
Foster, Leta O. Leta O.24 May 1910107Birth 
Burnum, Charles Roy Sr Charles 24 May 1903114Birth 
Tobias, Louis O. Louis O.24 May 1896121Birth 
Braswell, Eunice Blow Eunice Blow24 May 1895122Birth 
Hambrick, Martha E. Martha E.24 May 1895122Birth 
Hambrick, Martha E. Martha E.24 May 1894123Birth 
McNaughton, Dennis Arthur Dennis Arthur24 May 1893124Birth 
Barnes, Otho Osborne Otho Osborne24 May 1893124Birth 
Smith, Charles Allen Charles Allen24 May 1882135Birth 
Williams, Phereby Lou Jenior Phereby Lou Jenior24 May 1882135Birth 
Slane, Charles Leander "Charlie" Charles Leander "Charlie"24 May 1882135Birth 
Bullard, Ira Barton Ira Barton24 May 1864153Death 
Montgomery, Elizabeth Louella "Lizzie" Elizabeth Louella "Lizzie"24 May 1864153Birth 
Doak, Coral Coral24 May 1861156Birth 
Skinner, Asa Edward Asa Edward24 May 1852165Birth 
Scovill, Van Rensaleer Van Rensaleer24 May 1842175Death 
Bullard, George Walton George Walton24 May 1841176Birth 
Partridge, Job Job24 May 1826191Death 
Allen, Abigail Abigail24 May 1819198Death 
Spalding, Julia Ann Julia Ann24 May 1819198Birth 
Partridge, Joseph Joseph24 May 1810207Death 
Scovill, Maria Maria24 May 1809208Death 
Marvin, Anna Anna24 May 1808209Death 
Cook, Elizabeth Elizabeth24 May 1792225Birth 
Spalding, Reuben Reuben24 May 1788229Birth 
Partridge, Mehetabel Mehetabel24 May 1779238Birth 
Adams, Elizabeth Elizabeth24 May 1772245Religion 
Twitchell, Anna Anna24 May 1751266Birth 
Spalding, Ephraim Ephraim24 May 1747270Birth 
Bullard, Silas Silas24 May 1746271Birth 
Bullard, Silas Silas24 May 1746271Birth 
Bullard, Silas Silas24 May 1746271Birth 
Bullard, Thankful Thankful24 May 1708309Birth 
Hartless, Joe Louis "J.L."
Hinson, Edith L.
Joe Louis "J.L."24 May 200413Divorce 
Taylor, Lynn Edward
Avery, Lynda Ann
Lynn Edward24 May 196849Marriage 
Johnson, Earl
Story, Nellie
Earl24 May 192988Marriage 
Mixon, John Kyser
Smith, Callie Mae
John Kyser24 May 1902115Marriage 
Harville, Jackson Cornelius "J.C."
Sanford, Frances Callie
Jackson Cornelius "J.C."24 May 1900117Marriage 
Covin, Theophilias Nathaniel "Nat"
Mixon, Phereby
Theophilias Nathaniel "Nat"24 May 1891126Marriage 
Greathouse, William B.
Stowers, Catherine M.
William B.24 May 1854163Marriage 
Harrington, Edward
Morse, Hannah
Edward24 May 1727290Marriage 
Harrington, Edward
Bullard, Anna
Edward24 May 1727290Marriage 

Total events: 64
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