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Patrick, Clifton W. Clifton W.20 October 20107Death 
Crain, Edna Edna20 October 200116Death 
Martin, Minnie Minnie20 October 200116Death 
Burnum, James Francis James Francis20 October 199918Death 
Stark, Mayonie Mayonie20 October 199621Death 
Mixon, Verbon Cornelius Verbon Cornelius20 October 199324Death 
O'Gwynn, Narvy Samuel Narvy Samuel20 October 199324Death 
Williams, Cecil Austin Cecil Austin20 October 199126Death 
Shows, Rosalyn L. Rosalyn L.20 October 199027Death 
Gandy, William H. William H.20 October 198730Death 
Plush, Brice Laverne Brice Laverne20 October 197641Death 
Stevenson, James Kalb Jr James Kalb Jr20 October 196948Death 
Mixon, William Royce William Royce20 October 196651Death 
McCaffery, Mary Frances Mary Frances20 October 196453Death 
Cooper, Dee Monroe Dee Monroe20 October 196453Death 
Warren, William Edgar William Edgar20 October 195859Death 
Griggers, Donald Wayne Donald Wayne20 October 195661Death 
Shannon, Stephen Garney Stephen Garney20 October 195364Death 
Jones, John Daniel John Daniel20 October 194671Birth 
Lanning, George S. George S.20 October 193978Military 
Dutton, Carrol Enos Carrol Enos20 October 192790Birth 
Moseley, George H. George H.20 October 192196Birth 
Shows, Clyde C. Clyde C.20 October 192196Birth 
Carter, Arris O. Arris O.20 October 191899Death 
Durant, Jonathan Jonathan20 October 1908109Birth 
Pierce, Otis Gee Otis Gee20 October 1904113Birth 
Mixon, Bernice Bernice20 October 1904113Birth 
Scoville, Samuel Ames Samuel Ames20 October 1902115Death 
Watts, Beatrice Beatrice20 October 1895122Birth 
Moseley, Elbert Elbert20 October 1893124Birth 
Gandy, Maybelle Maybelle20 October 1893124Birth 
Phillips, Leila Eliza Leila Eliza20 October 1892125Birth 
Garter, Dor Dor20 October 1891126Birth 
Whatley, Virginia Mae Virginia Mae20 October 1890127Birth 
Masters, Lena Loretta Lena 20 October 1887130Birth 
Bryant, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)20 October 1881136Death 
Walker, Caroline Elizabeth "Betty" Caroline Elizabeth "Betty"20 October 1880137Birth 
Bourn, Willis Daniel Willis Daniel20 October 1877140Birth 
Bradley, Charles H. Charles H.20 October 1876141Birth 
Middleton, Nora Ella Nora Ella20 October 1876141Birth 
Braswell, Beulah Beulah20 October 1873144Birth 
Cook, Walter Hugh Walter Hugh20 October 1873144Birth 
Ralston, Mary Estella Mary Estella20 October 1871146Birth 
Robinson, Basil Douglas Basil Douglas20 October 1870147Birth 
Harrison, Philomena Philomena20 October 1870147Death 
Partridge, Jonas Rice Jonas Rice20 October 1869148Death 
Mixon, Martha Martha20 October 1869148Birth 
Lavergne, Lucia Lucia20 October 1868149Birth 
Blanchet, Cyrus Samuel Cyrus Samuelbetween 1 October 1862 and 20 October 1863154Military 
Gaunt, Samuel E. Samuel E.20 October 1859158Birth 
Bullard, Arthur Henderson Arthur Henderson20 October 1856161Birth 
Scoville, Maria Louise Maria Louise20 October 1854163Birth 
Marvin, Erigus F. Erigus F.20 October 1853164Birth 
Bullard, Joseph Emerson Joseph Emerson20 October 1848169Birth 
Bullard, Harriet Partridge Harriet Partridge20 October 1846171Birth 
Richard, Lidie Marie Lidie Marie20 October 1843174Birth 
Kelley, Mary Jonie "Polly Jones" Mary Jonie "Polly Jones"20 October 1837180Birth 
Bullard, Lydia Maria Lydia Maria20 October 1823194Birth 
Partridge, Mary Ann Mary Ann20 October 1821196Birth 
Bordelon, Zenon Zenon20 October 1810207Birth 
Bullard, Daniel Daniel20 October 1805212Birth 
Partridge, James James20 October 1770247Birth 
Whittemore, Samuel Samuel20 October 1757260Birth 
Whiting, Timothy Timothy20 October 1715302Birth 
Couillard, Clement Clement20 October 1712305Birth 
Moseley, Emmett Vivyoun Jr
‎(unknown)‎, Mary Lucille
Emmett Vivyoun Jr20 October 193978Marriage 
Little, Robert Floyd
Smith, Vivian
Robert 20 October 192988Marriage 
Mixon, James M.
Frysinger, Opal
James M.20 October 192394Marriage 
White, George Synder
Beecher, Eunice Anna
George Synder20 October 191998Marriage 
Johnson, Walter Clarence
Roberts, Eleanor "Nellie"
Walter Clarence20 October 1913104Marriage 
Brasier, Jeptha Newton
McWilliams, Amanda
Jeptha Newton20 October 1907110Marriage 
Marvin, Hartzel
Hood, Carrie L.
Hartzel20 October 1896121Marriage 
Shipp, Ransom Thomas
Taylor, Martha
Ransom Thomas20 October 1880137Marriage 
Gilmartin, Thomas
Gillan, Mary
Thomas20 October 1853164Marriage 
Scoville, Lyman
Shepherd, Maria L.
Lyman20 October 1852165Marriage 
Partridge, Reuben L.
Wolford, Maria
Reuben L.20 October 1846171Marriage 
Scoville, Pulaski
Cross, Olive A.
Pulaski20 October 1841176Marriage 
Scovill, Joseph
Wilson, Abigail
Joseph20 October 1771246Marriage 
Scovill, Elijah
Shaler, Jemima
Elijah20 October 1763254Marriage 

Total events: 79
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