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Clegg, Weldon Joseph "Sonny" Sr Weldon Joseph "Sonny" Sr23 October 20134Death 
Powell, Ronald Lee Sr DDS Ronald Lee Sr DDS23 October 20134Death 
Barnes, Betty Ruth Betty Ruth23 October 20098Death 
Sallee, Grace M. Grace M.23 October 20098Death 
Fusilier, Elvis Elvis23 October 200512Death 
Berry, Dela Louise Dela Louise23 October 199225Death 
Weeks, Arma Arma23 October 199126Death 
Thomas, Falconer Falconer23 October 198730Death 
Hartwell, Nell Nell23 October 198235Death 
Stringer, Elna Lee Elna Lee23 October 198235Death 
Gibson, William Dyson William Dyson23 October 198136Death 
Dampeer, George Preston George 23 October 197938Death 
Morgan, Andrew D. Andrew D.23 October 197641Death 
Houston, Jewel Edith Jewel Edith23 October 197542Death 
Sanders, Clyde B. Clyde B.23 October 197344Death 
Hansen, Anna Kristine "Stena" Anna Kristine "Stena"23 October 196354Death 
Crain, Elzie Elnathen Elzie Elnathen23 October 195859Event 
Hines, John Duncan John Duncan23 October 194770Death 
Nunnally, Barbara Nancy Barbara 23 October 194374Birth 
Gray, Herbert James Herbert James23 October 194374Military 
Morgan, Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth23 October 193582Burial 
Creekmore, Harfield Davis Harfield Davis23 October 193582Death 
Shows, Margaret Ann Margaret Ann23 October 193285Birth 
Hollingsworth, Marlon F. Marlon F.23 October 192889Birth 
Davis, Rev Hiram Glass Rev Hiram Glass23 October 192790Death 
Newton, Maurice L. "Jake" Maurice L. "Jake"23 October 192691Birth 
Mixon, John Nelson III John Nelson III23 October 192592Death 
Braswell, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)23 October 192493Birth 
Braswell, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)23 October 192493Death 
Evans, Katherine Katherine23 October 192394Birth 
Lane, James Herbert James Herbert23 October 192295Birth 
Beck, Emmett Lacroix Emmett Lacroixbetween 23 October 1918 and 7 December 191899Military 
Hambrick, Clarence Clarence23 October 1916101Death 
Moseley, Lettie I. Lettie I.23 October 1915102Death 
Berry, Elmyra M. Elmyra M.23 October 1915102Birth 
Skipper, William Kenneth William Kenneth23 October 1912105Birth 
Jackson, Eugene E. Eugene E.23 October 1909108Birth 
Bukey, Cora Edith "Edie" Cora Edith "Edie"23 October 1909108Birth 
Elliott, Helen Margaret Helen Margaret23 October 1909108Birth 
Moseley, John Bell John Bell23 October 1904113Death 
Thompson, Arthur J. Arthur J.23 October 1901116Birth 
Baldwin, Clara Elizabeth Clara 23 October 1900117Birth 
Shows, Rema A. Rema A.23 October 1900117Birth 
Mixon, William Carlton William Carlton23 October 1898119Birth 
Harmon, Otho Otho23 October 1894123Birth 
Loflin, Columbus Herbert Columbus Herbert23 October 1888129Birth 
Riley, Felon Cary Felon Cary23 October 1879138Birth 
White, Serena Elizabeth Serena Elizabeth23 October 1877140Birth 
Dawson, Samuel Samuel23 October 1876141Event 
Scoville, Dennis Chauncy Dennis Chauncy23 October 1871146Birth 
Moseley, David Peter "Dave" David Peter "Dave"23 October 1870147Birth 
Marvin, Estelle Estelle23 October 1860157Birth 
Masterson, John E. John E.23 October 1857160Birth 
Sallee, Rosma Francis Rosma Francis23 October 1857160Birth 
Farmer, William Wood William Wood23 October 1854163Death 
Ouellette, Thomas Thomas23 October 1853164Birth 
Ouellette, Thomas Thomas23 October 1853164Baptism 
Snow, Joseph Rider Joseph Rider23 October 1838179Birth 
Scovill, John John23 October 1831186Death 
Shows, Sarah Sarah23 October 1824193Birth 
Marvin, Abigail Abigail23 October 1817200Will 
Partridge, Juliette Richardson Juliette Richardson23 October 1815202Birth 
Fisk, Martin Martin23 October 1796221Birth 
Scovill, Frederick Frederick23 October 1786231Birth 
Pond, Benjamin Benjamin23 October 1773244Birth 
Bullard, Solomon Solomon23 October 1768249Death 
Partridge, Asa Asa23 October 1736281Birth 
Marvin, Elizabeth Elizabeth23 October 1713304Birth 
Couillard, Genevieve Genevieve23 October 1660357Birth 
Clear, Paul E.
Bishop, Lulu I.
Paul E.23 October 192295Marriage 
Yunger, Anton J.
Mancel, Mary
Anton J.23 October 1917100Marriage 
Yunger, Rudolph
Manel, Rosa
Rudolph23 October 1900117Marriage 
Kirkpatrick, Clifton
Graham, Minerva Elizabeth
Clifton23 October 1895122Marriage 
Bertrand, Placide
Miller, Celestine
Placide23 October 1890127Marriage 
Conners, Martin L.
Partin, Lula S.
Martin L.23 October 1883134Marriage 
Zimmer, Jacob S.
Scoville, Alice
Jacob S.23 October 1873144Marriage 
Foote, Samuel E.
Bullard, Lucy Maria
Samuel E.23 October 1872145Marriage 
Allyn, Thorndike P.
Munyan, Maria L.
Thorndike P.23 October 1851166Marriage 
Bullard, Joseph
Felt, Lucy
Joseph23 October 1809208Marriage 
Childs, Asa
Partridge, Clarissa
Asa23 October 1799218Marriage 
Blahnik, Fridrich
‎(unknown)‎, Katharina
Fridrich23 October 1759258Marriage 
Scovill, Ezekiel
Barber, Mindwell
Ezekiel23 October 1740277Marriage 
Couillard, Jean-Baptiste
de Chavigny, Genevieve
Jean-Baptiste23 October 1680337Marriage 

Total events: 83
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