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Studer, Edmund L. Edmund L.10 December 20125Death 
Gardner, Glenn Arthur Sr Glenn Arthur Sr10 December 200710Death 
Yunger, Robert Charles "Bob" Robert Charles "Bob"10 December 200710Death 
Latham, George Young Jr George Young Jr10 December 200611Death 
Smith, Annie Elizabeth Annie Elizabeth10 December 200314Event 
Smith, Annie Elizabeth Annie Elizabeth10 December 200314Burial 
Hartless, Melba Joy Melba Joy10 December 200017Death 
Hanson, Bernice Gertrude Bernice Gertrude10 December 199918Death 
Going, Oneta Jessie "Nita" Oneta Jessie "Nita"10 December 199720Death 
Loveday, Arthur Carlton "A.C." Arthur Carlton "A.C."10 December 199621Death 
Richard, Bernard Bernard10 December 199621Death 
Garrett, Steve Edward Steve Edward10 December 198631Death 
Rowland, Bessie Elvera Bessie Elvera10 December 198631Death 
Shows, James Aubrey James 10 December 198532Death 
Tolbert, Zola B. Zola B.10 December 198334Death 
Moseley, Russell Alexander Russell Alexander10 December 198235Death 
Venable, Raoul Raoul10 December 198235Death 
Peart, Clarence Raymond Clarence Raymond10 December 198037Death 
Hill, John Whitney John Whitney10 December 197740Death 
Thorn, Jimmie Jimmie10 December 197047Death 
Durflinger, Luther J. Luther J.10 December 197047Death 
Riley, Vernon Leroy Vernon Leroy10 December 196849Death 
Ouellette, Marie Catherine "Katie" Marie Catherine "Katie"10 December 195661Death 
Nelton, Gerald D. Gerald D.10 December 195265Birth 
Jones, Mary Ann Mary Ann10 December 194770Death 
Bedgood, Cheryl Darlene Cheryl Darlene10 December 194572Event 
Bedgood, Cheryl Darlene Cheryl Darlene10 December 194572Burial 
Ohrum, Dwight Broadnax Jr Dwight Broadnax Jr10 December 194374Military 
Mixon, Lula Jane "Janie" Lula Jane "Janie"10 December 194077Death 
Vaughn, William Clarence William Clarence10 December 193978Death 
Hardee, James Albert James Albert10 December 193384Death 
Cox, Sarah Lucinda Sarah Lucinda10 December 193384Death 
Burnum, Mildred Florence Mildred Florence10 December 192889Death 
Ferguson, Francis Eugene Francis Eugene10 December 192889Death 
Phillips, Irene Irene10 December 192691Birth 
Blahnik, Wenzel "Jim" Jr Wenzel "Jim" Jr10 December 192691Death 
Whitcomb, Kenneth "Pete" Kenneth "Pete"10 December 192196Birth 
Hardee, Havard Walter Havard Walter10 December 192097Birth 
Horton, Alverne Alverne10 December 192097Birth 
Eaves, Lemma Lemma10 December 191899Death 
Bond, Lee A. Lee A.10 December 1917100Birth 
Carter, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)10 December 1916101Death 
Carter, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)10 December 1916101Birth 
Knox, Dr James William Dr James William10 December 1916101Death 
Little, Ayres Columbus Ayres Columbus10 December 1915102Birth 
Mixon, Willie Lee Willie Lee10 December 1910107Birth 
Shows, Franklin Hugh Franklin Hugh10 December 1903114Death 
Lee, Bessie Bessie10 December 1903114Birth 
Machen, Zelma E. Zelma E.10 December 1901116Birth 
Beecher, Bertha Bigelow Bertha Bigelow10 December 1885132Birth 
Barton, William Ellery William Ellery10 December 1873144Birth 
Marvin, Minnie Minnie10 December 1862155Birth 
Scovill, Rev John Rev John10 December 1862155Death 
Hambrick, Jefferson Davis "Jeff" Jefferson Davis "Jeff"10 December 1861156Birth 
Kirksey, Mary Ellen Mary Ellen10 December 1861156Birth 
Scoville, Roswell Calvin Roswell Calvin10 December 1861156Birth 
Scoville, Rosa Capitola Rosa Capitola10 December 1861156Birth 
Colvin, Laura Priscilla Laura Priscilla10 December 1854163Birth 
Maughlin, Rev Thomas Cook Rev Thomas Cook10 December 1849168Birth 
Moseley, Jesse Frank Jesse Frank10 December 1848169Birth 
Riley, Cassinda Cassinda10 December 1829188Birth 
Prather, Celestine Celestine10 December 1820197Baptism 
Partridge, Jasper Jasper10 December 1807210Birth 
Spalding, Elisha Lathrop Elisha Lathrop10 December 1805212Birth 
Howe, Joseph Joseph10 December 1804213Birth 
Phipps, Hannah Hannah10 December 1797220Birth 
Prather, Aaron Aaron10 December 1797220Birth 
Bates, Clarissa Clarissa10 December 1787230Birth 
McDowell, Elizabeth Elizabeth10 December 1779238Birth 
Bullard, Ralph Ralph10 December 1766251Birth 
Holbrook, Samuel Samuel10 December 1763254Death 
Partridge, Asa Asa10 December 1746271Death 
Dupuis, Daniel Daniel10 December 1669348Birth 
Bonnette, Lloyd E.
Gunter, Bernice
Lloyd E.10 December 193582Marriage 
Galbreath, Floyd E.
Cannady, Mary W.
Floyd E.10 December 1913104Marriage 
Raymer, Lloyd
Beard, Harriet J.
Lloyd10 December 1911106Marriage 
Benson, Fleet Cooper
Shows, Mary Lula
Fleet Cooper10 December 1903114Marriage 
Lavergne, Lucien
Pitre, Eva
Lucien10 December 1896121Marriage 
Gray, George Washington
Strain, Betty
George Washington10 December 1886131Marriage 
Thibodeaux, Michel
Bourque, Civilia
Michel10 December 1884133Marriage 
Brooks, Jonathan
Barnes, Sidney
Jonathan10 December 1849168Marriage 
Johnson, Samuel A.
Partridge, Caroline
Samuel A.10 December 1840177Marriage 
Harman, Joseph Sr
Hayes, Frances M.
Joseph Sr10 December 1839178Marriage 
Sowles, William Lewis
Loop, Sally
William Lewis10 December 1821196Marriage 
Scovill, James
Hough, Hannah
James10 December 1755262Marriage 

Total events: 85
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